Wake up call……

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Short Stories
“Because something is happening here but you don’t know what it is. Do you Mister Jones?”  – Bob Dylan
Life is what it is. Society is what it is, and the fine line between right and wrong is crossed day in and day out, just to make right by one self.  This is a generation living in the wake of the death of the American dream. A generation lost, living in the aftermath of  Regan-economics, Oval office blow jobs, and double Bushes.  A generation forced to pick up the pieces left behind by a generation of baby boomer architects, who cut corners and blamed us for a generation built without honor.
Society is controlled by a subliminal, corporate media, greed machine.  The machine pumps what to think, how to act , and what to wear, into our heads everyday.  We are sailing upon a ship with no one at the helm. A ship heading at forty knots, straight into the rocks.  The sad thing is the sheep don’t even care.
Society is divided into classes, these are very distinct classes.  The upper, the middle, working class, and those of us drinking from the gutter.  Then there are those of us blessed with independent thought.  Those of us intelligent enough to see through the smoke and mirrors.  The ones who throw a middle finger in the face of the very establishment that tries to enslave us.   We are a generation of consumer target, audience robots: lost without our smart phones and status updates.   A generation that  refuses to believe the real world is not aired over music television.  Reality is not reality and until the masses realize this, nothing ever will be real.
We need to refuse the position of cogs in the machine!  Let us be the monkey wrench in it’s works!  Let us be the voice of the doomed!  The voice of the few who refused to be enslaved like the masses.  Why lay down, When you can stand up?
Call us the resurrection  of the American dream.  Outlaws is the word society uses  to define us. While freedom is the word that we define.  We can choose to be free, to live our lives in the way that allows us to best care for our selves.
Many will call us wrong, they are the sheep that follow a Sheppard named corruption. Free will is the one and only inalienable right of whatever creator  you choose, entitled to you, this is what we uphold.  Some call us the destroyer of souls. But we allow free will to reign supreme.  They on the other hand decide how they wish you to live your lives.  Censors, the media, our supposed leaders, they are killing the very premises the American dream had been based on.
In this day and age it seems the friend of the devil is a friend of mine indeed. An age where the dead should be grateful .  Because the upholders of “so” called right and wrong are anything but right by any means.  Lock us in your cages, take away our rights, but know our minds are the one thing  you could never silence! Fuck your war on us!  So best believe in us is all we trust!  Not the gold, oil, and drugs you falsely push upon us as our countries only God.
A revolution of the collective conscious of the world is what the powers that be fear.  Positive thought and creativity will change the world for the better through the collective conscious. Violence, anarchy, and human sacrifice is what they want from us. Blood to satisfy their Pagan Gods blood lust.  The vibrations of fear, violence, and death are the most detrimental to the collective conscious of the world. Thoughts and ideas are the weapons that will win this war, not bombs and bullets.
It is important to remember that revolting in the usual way one thinks of revolution is not revolution it is merely the further enslavement of the collective conscious.  This is the way of the universe vibrations are what control the laws of everything. The more thoughts and ideas of our creativity and hopes for the betterment  of the collective conscious , the more the world will change. The vibration of love is a very powerful and fast wave length. While the vibration of fear is a slow long rolling wave.
So you must understand Fear is what the enslavers of the collective conscious have been using since the beginning of time. It’s been a long slow steady process. The same people who rule the world now are of the same bloodline as the ones who have been enslaving us since the beginning. The Subliminal Corporate Media Greed Machine has furthered their enslavement of the collective conscious by making their Mantra readily available to all of us. I am not saying unplug your self. What I am saying is it’s time to use their creation against them. Through enlightenment the more positive ideas and creativity we pump into the machine the more we will gain power. The more we readily feed upon the fear and brand ourselves with their marks and ideals the more they win. Being a Revolutionary is not being sheep in a flock but rather individual mind  contributing their own thoughts  and ideas to the collective conscious. Each member of the revolution must be a leader with ideas that are as different as every soul is. This is the key to overthrowing our masters. They want us to think the same. Do not do this do not become a mindless mass following one voice. Be an ocean of voices awakening the individual voices that have been sedated for eons.
This is the part where many of you will realize your not awake.
A million Individuals are impossible to control, a million Lambs are ripe for the slaughter.  The more diverse we become the harder we are to control. The more true knowledge of self we obtain the more we become true individuals.   Only through positive changes of self can you expect to gain positive changes in life. Every person who awakens and takes part in the positive contribution to the collective consciousness is one more nail in our oppressors coffin.   Our world is full of those with no knowledge of self. This is key to our oppression. We allow others to think for us and tell us what to feel.  Fear of not being accepted clouds the mind from knowledge of self. Humans are social animals that seek companionship. So to avoid rejection many just follow the pack. Just because so and so likes it or does it will often make another feel, like or do similar things without even knowing if they truly like it.   What we need to realize that the machine is turning supposed  individuality into conformity. Anti is the new in. People are striving to be different just because it’s the cool thing to do. Take a look around how many people do you see with dyed hair, piercing, tattoos screaming fuck the corporations!. These are the new symbols of conformity.  89% of our generation is anti establishment and I assure you  89%  of that 89% don’t even understand how our political systems, monetary, or legal systems actually work or what a corporation actually is or how it operates.
They just know it’s the cool thing to do. This is what our oppressors want. They want mindless drones who just listen to what ever ready made spokesman they’ve manufactured says next.  You must begin to educate your self on everything you are raging against and make intelligent decisions based on the actual facts not because some one else says these are the facts. Because they are not and many of the people leading you in revolt are just puppets dancing on strings pulled by the oppressors spitting propaganda to the masses in order to introduce anarchy and discontent into the collective conscious.
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