David S. Wills Blurb about my story Deep Fried Duct Tape And Sushi Knives

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Beatdom Pieces
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Edaurdo Jones is the Voice of the Doomed. His stories shock and enthrall. They draw readers into a painful, depraved world they prefer to imagine doesn’t exist. That’s fine. You just think that… If it makes life easier, if it makes you feel safer, then you go ahead and think that. It’s probably best you do.
Part Two of his warped vision, the prophetically titled “Deep Fried Duct Tape and Sushi Knives” follows on from Issue Four’s most beloved entry… A story set in the world’s least favourite city, Detroit, as our drug-dealing sociopath goes on a rampage of revenge.
It is the continuation of this century’s greatest and most repulsive tale of drug-abuse, severe paranoia, carnal lust, and hideous violence.- David S. Wills

Illustration by Neal Fox


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