The Craig’s List Experiment.

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The following is a personal ad I’ve posted on Craig’s list I will post the replies of interested parties as they come in. Stay tuned for details this should be interesting…

Introverted creative type with a typewriter fetish seeks adventurous playmate with a deviant mind, for perverse pleasure a few hours a week. Sexy librarian look a plus. Clingy, whiny, attention starved, self absorbed stalkers need not apply. IQ above 85 and knowledge of subjects other than pop culture also a plus. Must have all your teeth and no family history of inbreeding. Please provide 3 personal references and up to date medical records upon applying….

Hi, I’m seeking a kinky librarian type to punish me for my late fees by laying my testicles on her desk and smashing them with an unabridged copy of War and Peace. You must have at least one eye, be into Natty ice enemas,  and taking it in your buckeye while tail gating. Also being into performing filthy flying Brutus’s is always a plus. I cant wait for you to punish me for my late fees and play with my bookworm….

So I’ve upped the ante and posted this one to see if I could get some real crazies…


Introverted creative type with a typewriter fetish seeks kinky librarian type to feverishly stroke my keys. Must have all your own teeth ,at least one eye, a minimum of 8 toes and and be into Blogophillia. I need to be punished for my late fees…

Another ad I posted today let’s see if this one does the trick…….


Introverted creative type seeks Lusty librarian to crank my platen. Must enjoy rare bacon, dingleberry diving, have 8 toes, all your own teeth, vaginal discharge of a tapioca pudding consistency a plus. I have a type writer fetish and enjoy putting my testicles in the paper feeder while you punch the keys and let the letters strike my testicles. Anxiously awaiting you to type your kinky desires across my blistering blue balls..

Introverted Creative type ISO like minded deviant Librarian. Must enjoy Crisco mud baths, anal spelunking, Barry Manilow, and have webbed feet. I have a typewriter fetish and I’m a blogophilliac. I can’t wait for you to crank my testicles through the platen and hammer out your deviant desires across my blistering blue balls! P.S. being able to blow smoke rings with your vagina or anus is a huge plus!

Introverted Creative type ISO like minded deviant Librarian to pull on my one eyed bandit. Must enjoy , anal roulette, Donny Osmond, have webbed feet and a taste for dingleberries sprinkled on raw bacon sundays. I have a typewriter fetish and I’m a blogophilliac. I can’t wait for you to crank my testicles through the platen and hammer out your deviant desires across my blistering blue balls! P.S. being able to blow smoke rings with your vagina or anus is a huge plus!

Introverted Creative type ISO like minded deviant Librarian to grab this bull by his horn. Must enjoy , Texas tea bagging, Electric chairs, have webbed feet and a taste for dingleberry Tomales. I have a typewriter fetish and I’m a blogophilliac. I can’t wait for you to crank my testicles through the platen and hammer out your deviant desires across my blistering blue balls! P.S. being able to blow smoke rings with your vagina or anus is a huge plus!

Introverted Creative type ISO like minded deviant Librarian. Must enjoy Coconut milk enema’s, , anal Golf, receiving filthy Castro’s, and know how to or be willing to perform Portuguese pickle twisters with their tongue while being flogged with Flamingo beaks . I also have a typewriter fetish and I’m a blogophilliac. I can’t wait for you to crank my testicles through the platen and hammer out your deviant desires across my blistering blue balls! P.S. being able to blow smoke rings with your vagina or anus is a huge plus!

Looking for a kinky librarian to crank my nuts through the platen and type your kinky deviant desires out across my blistering blue balls. Must have New England winter muff. Enjoy getting a long line in your lobster pot with a vagina that smells like a haddock boat at low tide on the 4th of July. Can’t wait to put my blueberries in your mouth! Being able to blow smoke rings with your vagina or anus is a huge plus.

I do how ever realize most of the responses are going to be spam from adult sites. This should prove to be an interesting aspect of the experiment. It should be funny to see how many ways they flip the same form letter by slightly changing key words and phrases as well as the fact the responders obviously did not read a single word of the ad….



I am feeling bored with nothing to do and saw your add on CL.

I’m very curious about what you would do with me 🙂

Send me an email back and I’ll be happy to tell you all about me.



I’d saw yer post on CL, I thought I’d send a reply cause I thought we might get along judging by your post. Why not telling me a little about you and what you’d like 2 know bout me?


Hello my name is Catherine,I’m 38, never married.I am in very good shape, down to earth, an artist, I have done a few shows here in Columbus over time. I am looking for physical connections at this time in my life, not a relationship, just mind blowing orgasms for me and the person I’m with. I can have them and give them. If you like what you hear then let me know.


Hi, my name is Jenny. Call me and I’ll let you do this to me;) 978 618 4576



I saw (and liked) your ad. I think we might be looking for the same type of thing. Im a 28 year old female not in a relationship, drug free, just want to play. Let me know what you think.


It’s super you emailed me back, and most importantly, you’re real. I am available this evening and also have time during the week. Let me know what works best for you. I have attached some pix for you to be able to take a better look at me. I’ve also setup a profile using a site that my girl friends also used as a result of the murders that been happening off of cl. As soon as you get on it, you’ll only see my profile pic since it is age restricted. However if you want to view all of my pics, you will have to show that you’re over 18 because i’m an exhibitionist, and also have some x rated things in threre.

There’s a great number of crazies in the world, and I want to make sure its not you. But the pics i did attach, I’d figure I might provide a peek of me before you come and taste the real thing (I heard I’m mmm mmm good). The real reason I use this site is because it references your name with predator databases. I’m interested in meeting, but am not interested in meeting a psycho who will lock me up in his basement.

I’m really interested in meet someone, because I have been horny for a couple weeks, and have been to busy to get some. ALso the guy I use to deal with, is acting like a jerk. I would like attention and he simply doesnt give enough of it.

Furthermore , i tried to meet guys from paid dating sites (since I thought meeting people off cl was a bit dangerous), but that didnt work to well! So now Im giving it a try, and hope you make it a enjoyable experience would like to develop a rough sex type of relationship (because that is how I like it), but I need to be sure I am safe about it. I am putting my self on the line in getting together, so if you’re not open to verify you happen to be a true, safe adult who’s not a predator. I simply cant meet u. Im willing to get this done now, so hurry. When you verify e-mail a message to me through my profile and call me on my other cell phone(not giving you my main number yet),and I’ll speak with you to learn more about you. My phone # is : (206) 337 – 3619

I’m just delighted you’ve got back in touch 🙂

I feel very sexy today.

You sound sexy and I would love to hook up.

Have a look at my pics and if you believe you might handle me then lets hook up 🙂

speak soon, i hope




Hi, my name is Cynthia with an emphasis on the “Sin” LOLZJ ! I read your ad and must admit it sparked my interest. Something’s about me are I work as a school teacher I’m a third grade Art teacher. I enjoy long walks on the beach, watching movies, dancing, animals, and the occasionally champagne bottle up my ass or nice golden shower followed up by a nice round of fist fucking.  If you’d like to get together call me 213-698-4169. I can’t wait to stick my tongue so far up your ass I lick the inside of your eyelids.  I can host or if you want we can just meet someplace in public and I can give a nice blumpkin in the bathroom. Have a nice day and hit me up soon  😉  I sent some pics hope you like themJ bye bye baby Sinthy


ts Tatyana (this is my name) writing to you!

Have good day!

I am happy to write you one more letter

I want, that you knew, that I have only good intentions, and I do not have any secrets.

You should know that I am going to arrive, and I will work in your country within approximately three months.

I would like to meet the good person to fall in love or be the close friends.

I do not wish to live in Russia because I do not have any possibilities here, because of crisis, I have lost and now I can not find good work,

It hardly probably to explain from the first, but I want, that you knew my plans.

I can work in any shop, a bar or restaurant, it will depend on that what vacancies of works will be at my agency when my documents will be ready.

The agency should offer some vacancies of works on my choice

Thus I will have a simple work while I will not improve the English language. In agency to me have told that I can choose any

The city of your area, agency only will help me to receive the visa and all travel papers + any a place for residing, near to mine future work.

It is the special international program for young men who wishes to work abroad, and I think, that it – is unique a correct way for me,

I am unfortunate here in Russia, and I think, that I look enough nice to find the best place for me.

It seems to me that it is my chance to meet the good person. I wish to work in America or in Europe or any another good to the country.

I am full of various plans and dreams, and I wish to divide my life with the good person because I also am full of love and tenderness, I know it.

I understand that I am not so beautiful as the Hollywood Princess, but I really hope to meet my prince and

I hope, that it will not be against to meet me actually! It – why I am going to arrive to you.

Well, I will close this letter, and I really hope to receive your answer.

I will leave Russia approximately in two weeks (I cannot tell to you all precisely right now), and I would like to be convinced that I have the person who waits for me there.

I will work much, and I wish to be assured, that I have a person with which I can to spend all free time together that we could

To learn each other it is better. If you have any interest to meet me, I will be more than is happy to meet you also.

I will tell to you all details about me and my life if you like my photos and you wish to meet me! Please send a photo you also!!!

Now I write to you from my personal mail box, please write to me to the answer only here. I will check it often.

Kiss you!



It’s good to hear back from you. Maybe you want to have fun like I do!

I’m sorry to be a pain but I have to be safe, and considering some of the things I wanna

have you do to my body when we meet up, I need to know you’re for real.

Better to be safe because who knows whats out there.

To get my number….so we can talk about what we are going to do….you’ll need to get it at:

It’s NOT any kind of dating site. It only has real peoples contact info. Give me a call or text once

you have my number and we can hook up, I’m home now. A call would be better because hearing

your voice would be way better.

I really hope to hear from you soon. Here’s more pics of me. I’m already getting excited about

getting to talk to you about meeting up.


Hey, It’s Kelly, good to hear back from you. If you liked what ya saw, you are gonna luv me in real life.

Before we go any farther tho I need to know that you are over 18 and safe for me to meet too. No cost for you

and it only takes a sec.. to do. Go to: and get ya a log in name and then

call me on my cell or text me. (my number is on my page after ya login)



P.S. please dont write back and be mean to me or ask me to

bypass my safety site,I pay to use this service so I know the ppl

im talking to are safe for me to meet. A girl does have to be careful and

I cant wait to meet you! 🙂



I was going through some ads on craigslist and came across your message and I might not be exactly what you had in mind…

but I thought I should send you a email. Im a 22 yr old Latina, Im single but just wanna have fun.

Don’t you think we would really have a lot of fun together??  If you want to get together let me know.

Im ready when you are 😉


Pass the Dutchy on the left hand side……….

Can’t we all just get a bong?? 420 (and subsequently ‘user-‘) friendly SWF wants fun-loving, dynamic male that’s in his 20’s *or why not. Older works too.* to delve into various realities. Should promise to tell me when my fly is open and / or my lipstick runs and I look like the Joker.Pointing while laughing hysterically doesn t count. And (probably asking a lot) must be able to support his end of discussions on matters not limited to decriminalizing weed. If that seems like you (or hell, a friend like that)


Nice and Dirty, but not in the correct way like the un showered way….

Hi I enjo

Hi I enjoy singing dancing biking reading swimming live music and theater museums festivals wine bars pool card and board games traveling beaches and spending quality time out or at home with the people I love. I have been told that I have a nice smile and beautiful eyes and I consider myself to be extremely intelligent. I enjoy deep conversations- I am actually a deep person in general. I am very romantic affectionate attentive kind sarcastic and silly at times but thats what makes life fun!

ROLLING DIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi! I am replying to your ad on CL.
My name is John and I am wondering if you would be interested in having intercourse with my wife. I understand this may seem strange so let me explain. I was injured about a year ago while working so I am unable to make love to my wife.  I had an intimate relationship with Stacy… but cannot anymore. She has needs and desires I just can’t satisfy anymore. Don’t get me wrong, we still love each other, but I want her to be happy.
She’s DD free, 23 and very intimate so you can see what my problem is. Hopefully you can help us. We’re looking for someone who can come to our place (or she can come to yours) and be intimate with her on a good basis, no strings attached. Don’t worry I won’t be around so it won’t be weird heh. Attached is a picture of her and I. This is serious and real, we saw your post on CL area and live nearby your area. I’ll explain more but I’m at my job right now. Please ONLY if you are interested, mail me back with just a yes. Again, only if you are interested… I’ve had a lot of people accuse me of lying and don’t want those not interested. If not, don’t reply and I’ll ask someone else. Thanks.


I just saw your post and I might not be exactly what you are looking for…but I thought I should send
you a message. I think we would really have a lot of fun together. Im a 28 yr old woman. Im d/d free, dont like
drama and just looking for some casual fun. If you want to get together let me know.



I just wanna ask you something…. Are you ready to get real? Baby if you are for real….
send me back a message tellin me what you wanna do with me. Might be we can have a lot of fun together.
Im 26 yrs old…and ready for me some real fun 🙂 If ya wanna know more…all ya gotta do is ask me.



I just came across your ad and I might not be exactly what you are looking for…but I thought I should send
you a email. I think we would really have a lot of fun together. Im a 36 yr old woman. Im d/d free.
I got divorced six months ago so I’m not wanting to get involved in anything too serious, just want to have fun.
If you want to get together let me know.


Cool, so you are real! I think we should talk real soon about what we are gonna do with each other 🙂
Why dontcha give me a call or send me a text. (a call would be more fun) To get my number….so we can talk about what we are going to do….you’ll need to get it at:

I really hope to hear from you soon. Here’s another pic of me. There are more on my profilepage too 🙂


I give this one bonus points for just flat out showing what your about to get your self into…….

Excellent to here back from you and glad u are actually real. I’m free anytime 2nite or the remainder of this week so hurry i will wish to get this setup ASAP.Here are some more pictures to seal the deal (Don’t I look great in pink) : )
I have built a profile using a site I discovered after the murders on Craigslist and bp. After you get there you can only see my profile pic since its age restricted, but if you want to see all my really sexy flicks, you will want to verify u are over 18 to observe it because I am naked in some of them I bet your gonna love my nurse pic : ) .
I figured I would give you a taste of what you were in for before you got down to tasting the real thing 😛 take a look at my info below, A key reason I use this site is because it can cross reference your name with various predator databases. I wouldn’t want to end up locked up in ur shed or worse since there are a lot of sickos nowadays & I want to be sure your not one.I need it bad & I have been attempting to meet someone good for some time now.
Before this I tried to meet people using a paid dating site that didn’t even work and I used to believe that meeting people off of craigslist or myspace was way too dangerous! I’m all about having a rough wild amazing hot rumping, but however I insist on being safe about it. I feel I’m really putting myself on the line for you to make the get together between us happen, so if you’re not willing to verify that you’re a legitimate adult who isn’t a sex offender, without charge}, then I’m assuming you have something to hide. Anyways, don’t leave me hanging because like I said I am looking {to do this ASAP.I’m so ready for you, please babe hurry. Whenever you verify email me a message through there, & call me on my second mobile phone (sorry not giving my main cell number as of yet). Message me through there along with your #, I will pick up your call. My phone # is : (206) 202 – 3189

Hello I was looking through the ad’s on cl and came across yours. It seems we have some things in common……wink wink.

I’m 37, a RN by profession. I just recently moved to Los angeles, originally from Calgary, Canada…

I’m fit, attractive.  I’m also fun to be with so I’m told, and have a good sense of humor.

I’d like to find someone down to earth like myself, someone who doesn’t take themself to seriously, I don’t. I’m not just a good time girl, I’d like to see where it goes if we meet.

I’m not hung up on what a person has or looks like alone. Being shallow is just not me, I like a connection with a person, I’m not superficial in the least. I have a good career so I am stable and am happy with whatever it is that you do if you are happy with it.

Anyway, get back to me if interested, sorry to be so brief.


It’s Cougar time…………

Hi there, I’m looking through ad’s. I had one up for a few days but it kept getting flagged, who knows why.

I’m 36, recently seperated, from an idiot I might ad . I’ve lived in Los angeles all my life.

I’ve had it with men getting what they want, not that I have anything against men, just the one I seperated from. I’m looking out for me and my own pleasure. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR LOVE OR A DATE. I’m looking for pleasure, and believe me, I can give it right back.

I have needs too.

Why your ad? You didn’t seem like an idiot. There are so many on here it seems. I tried a “Intimate encounters site” but everyone seems to be looking for love, weird.

I’m sending a pic, hope you like it and don’t think it’s too bold, it’s just where I’m at in life right now.


Hi Key Freak

My name Rebeca and I am watch for a guy who can respond to my needs NOW!  Is that you?  I have hope so.

I am TOTALLY single and want with meet with guy just like you fer FUN FUN FUN.

I have minded open about relationships and only looking up for no strings action thrills as husband works away for year last.

I have feet and hands clean like the slopes of mountain.  And mountain is where you shall go if you play poker well. hehe

I looking for man to wake up from my sleep in sex style.  No strings tho as I have nneed to explore my shell with oyster.  If you get my impresion. 🙂

My likes and hobies were displine and strickness, maybe I strick you?  Thou you must play the fairness with me as I dont know what you are.

I never done anything beofre like this and want to be discret, safe and be like late catch of fish like in summer time loll.

So I know that we are of the safe side of peoples you must go see me at my interweb internet site =

There I will say HI with you and give out my speak details babe.

HOT HOT HOT.  Alwyas waiting for you without strings babe.

P.S. Strick boy! where are book. I hurt you all night…. xx

So, I read your online posting and was really taken with what u wrote. Sounds like we would be perfect for one another. Actually, I bet you are a really cute and sexy guy. But for me, I am an unhappy married lady whose hubby is constantly on weeklong business trips. I am yearning for an illicit little affair If you are not bothered with my having a hubby and u can be discerning , then let’s hook up.My husband is away on business so I can host 😉
I am getting really excited just thinking of all the things I want to try out on you when finally we meet. Sure hope you are real. Hope to see ya babe; )
P.S. Here are a few snapshots of me.


Hi darling, I like the sound of your recent entry but I need to
clarify that I am not lookin fer any kind of relationship. I’ve had no
sexual activeness for about 8 weeks on account of my job and I
desperately need some rad orgasm-instigating activeness. If you’re ok
with this lets get to know each other  – how are you set up for later
today or tomorrow?-


My name is Kayla, and I moved here recently from Oceanside. I like travelling, arts, movies, and so forth 🙂 I gotta admit that I’m not exactly sexually experienced, although I’m not a virgin, it’s only because my ex-bf (we were together for 4 years) was kind of a prude in the bedroom. Now that we are finally done I am looking for some proper fun 🙂 Nothing but NSA though, not a relationship, but you never know I guess..

In case that you’re up for that please let me know a lil more about you.. Do you enjoy giving and receiving oral as much as I do? 😉

My name Astrid. That Norse for beautiful! I very much like men who typewrite! I from Austria and began student at Bunker Hill Community Collage. I looking for good American man to give me good tour of Boston. I also have teeth you are interested in. Just recieved medical testing and everything looks positive, so I girl for you! We can more chat AIM. Please add me as BloompieGurl79 for more intimate knowledge!

I am only married in wrtiting, so if it doesn’t do the trick for you, forget this email. I saw your post and am interested. I’ve been living away from my husband for more than a 12 months already, and someone else has been sleeping in my/his bed. I don’t know the last time I spoke to him so hey. So why not have a little fun? For all intents and purposes I’m a SWF in my early-20’s, shapely but I do doexercises on a regular basis. Good sense of humor, and exceptionally trustworthy. When life throws me lemons, I try damn hard to make key lime pie. Im left-handed, and you must be also. Kidding!! Just trying to see if you’re paying attention

Whoa we’re get a little EXXXTREME NOW…..yeah I moved here from Vancouver Canada…
I would definitely like to meetup sometime, maybe you can show me around, maybe I’ll finally know someone from here, god I’m so f*king bored it sucks when you dont know anyone…. I’m into a lot of different things sexually speaking I like anal and oral, I have some pretty twisted thoughts in that area. Deep dark ones you could say. Maybe because I’m a little f**ked up, dunno. No sob stories though. We can meet and see where it goes.

Let me know.

Yeah i like what you have to say 🙂 so I attached a pic of me taken by one of my girlfriends.

I just moved here from Miami and havent met any cool guys yet.

I get pretty hot all alone and was hoping to meet someone for some fun.  You must be clean and disease free, I wanna meet somewhere public first, maybe a bar or something and then if we get on then we could go back to my place and get sweaty together 🙂

I’m into pretty much anything and my last boyfriend said i gave the best BJ’s ever.

if you like what you see then lets try and hook up for the weekend 🙂


Hey there, wonderful ad Guy. Grabbed my interest, nevertheless. I gotta be forward, regrettably I quite frankly really want to get some hot sweaty sex.Absolutely nothing painful, no dating, just a piece of ass & a lot more than once if it’s great. I am just not really much for dating – really don’t really see the reason. Basically a way to an end, am I right? Anyway. I have above average appearance, hwp d/d free and expecting same of you. I can host, that’s not a issue. You don’t get a party if one won’t wear the balloons. My ideas for a good time is getting a little drunk in the hot tub and let things develop. Interested?


Hi there,
Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I have
just created my new profile here. Please take a look
at it and let me know if you like it or not.
My username there is sparklez2281

Hello there 🙂
I found your post and I must say that I am inquisitive. The on-line CL dating never worked well personally…..whatever…so, I’m simply a typical gal which likes to feel good, experience life and good quality sexx… ))
P.S. I will meet only Fr. and Su. making this for the weekend. Im in the downtown neighborhood so be local.

Got this one after she requested pics and I sent her this one
hey there, thanks for getting back to me. here are some pics for you… i hope you like them. my pics i’m the one with the drinking a beer with a straw. i will try anything once…hehe!
anyway, i just saw your craigslist ad you posted earlier and i really want to take you up on it…like right now 🙂 but honestly there is only one thing holding me back. i responded to a similiar ad last month and was supposed to hook up but later found out after that it was just some 15 year old kid who was playing a prank on craigslist. That was my first time trying to hookup with someone from craigslist and since then i have been really skepitcal about going through with this again. but after just seeing your ad, i want to try this with you (if your ad was legit) i am for real, so i hope you are as well.
i heard about a this site which verifys that you are for real and safe to hookup with (due to the recent murder from craigslist i guess). i recently signed up with them and want you to do the same. you will need to just verify your age and you are safe or that you are not some kid playing a prank. so, if you are serious about getting together with me, you can do it here….. XXXXXX once you are done, we can meet up tonight or tomorrow if you are ready. my cell number is in my profile and once you become verified they will give you access to it. call or text me today if you can.
kisses, Natalee

I am Isabel, 41 years old, five feet, one hundred forty six pounds, I live close to boston
I liked your ad, I think we should hook up and see if who knows we may become good friend ahah.
Let me know


So here’s what this one sent as the hi pic  Hi

What’s goin’ on? Jus’ noticed your postin’.

I’m just looking for a man who knows how to have fun..

I am not too sure ’bout this whole online hookups stuff, but I figured I’d give it a try.

reply if ur not spam and we can chat more or swap pictures..



This one gets bonus points for creativity for sending a picture of a chubby chick along with the home cooked meal line

I am a 24 year old Teacher. I am totally single.. I love to dance and go out with friends but Im just as content stayin in and watching a good movie. Im Always up for trying new things. My friends say Im an outgoing person..maybe because I like to chat their heads off lolz.
Im a pretty good cook too ..maybe I can make us a nice meal? hehehe


Some stuff bout muah, I am 24 yrso, & just moved here from Cuba after visiting my Aunt and Uncle.  I enjoy going to the movies, cutting up with friends, romantic dinners, vegging on my bed, and enjoy outdoors among many other things.
I am taking a risk on here, so I’m hoping you are a good guy & not a liar.  Msg me back if you are interested & I will send over a picture & tell you some more bout muah.

I hope you’re having a good day & look forward to hearing back from you.




Im twenty/four years old , 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Argentinian with Br hr/eyes. Im totally single.. I love to dance and go out with the girls but Im just as content stayin in and watching a awesome flick. Im always up for new experiences. My friends say I’m a social person..maybe because I like to meet new people lolz. Im a pretty awesome masseuse too ..maybe we can give eachother one? lolz


Hi, I love the sound of your ad and I think we could be great for each
other, I just want some-body in my home neigborhood and I can’t wait
to meet you – how are you looking for tonight or tomorrow?-


Hello there! I am a typical young lady, a little bit on the peaceful side, but that changes pretty fast when I become familiar with you.
I beg you no drama … lets us see exactly where it will go.


They are not making them like me anymore. I am just a free spirit who is truly open to just about anything. Real sensuality; touch me and I tingle. If you’ve ever hinted at a sexual act and heard a resounding no, write me. You can do whatever you desire, for as long as you want, and I’ll be right there for you. I can host, and I have a heated pool to help get us started off. You either have to be d/d 100 percent free or willing to cover it up. I enjoy experimenting, so honestly; don’t be bashful.


How long is the last occasion you been aquainted with a trustworthy woman that was memorable? I have for sure met more of my share of very happy men! But it is really our time. Are you as awesome as you think you are? How about a little wager. You love bedroom games? Send me a line, user name is AEdzkopat onXXXXXX, that’s an adult forum. Tell me your fantasy. Should I honor them, I win. Obviously if I can not, you win. Let’s keep it sexy. I no longer have any boundaries that I am conscious of and bear that in mind. Be waiting for your thoughts!



Well…I’m kinda bored at the job with absolutely nothing to do, so I decided to have a look at the personals…and saw your post……
I never have any problem meeting guys. I’m very easy to get along with …..
However, I really think it is difficult to find the right guy…
So, ll keep it short,  I’d like to meet new people. A fresh face, a fresh start. Im well rounded, attractive and open minded, wanting to meet that person who is open to commitment, monogamy and settling down eventually.
Also please  be open to a single mother, don’t worry Ill not take my kid and jump into your life:) Im not serious about any king of LTR……marriage seems like a prison to me..

hi….So,  you real…nice :)….

ll keep it short:)…5’4″/130,  still in good shape single mom…..

You can see my new pics hereXXXXXXXXXXXrProfile number  88581, and don’t worry it’s free (no membership or credit cards) but you have to be at least 30 y.o.

Also please be open to a single mother, don’t worry Ill not take my kid and jump into your life:)

So, email me back  if you like pics. Again this is for this next weekend.

Hopefully at the end of today there will be two&nb sp;less lonely people!

Take Care


Hello hun, r u real??? Sigh, i swear this place is full of fakes and i’m tired of them messing with my email.

Anyways, if u’re real and wanna see my face pix along with information about me then please email back to my REAL email which is shown in the attachment. On the subject line, write “i’m legit” so i’ll know u’re real. Thanks! 🙂

-Sent via my iPhone

Hi… I saw ur CL ad and im interested in what u had to say. uhhh……. Im a young woman within my middle 20s and im looking for an no strings experience tomorrow.. or the day after. if ur’e interested, email me back and we’ll exhange photos.



Thanks for getting back to me…

I am really only interested in something that is no strings… I also want to keep this discreet.- This is actually my first time doing something like this over the internet,  so I am a little iffy about it. Abt my age… yeah, im fairly young (im in my middle 20s) but im hungry for something… new, ya know?

I supppose the best way to make plans is to give me a call. Just go to xxxxxxx and verify that you arent a serial killer / rapist or anything. You dont seem like one but you can never be too careful with who you are meeting online… When you’re done, my number is right there. You can either text me or call me so that we can make plans.


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  1. beatdomdavid says:

    Good lord, that’s weird… I’ve never used Craigslist before, but I might just start.

  2. Rose says:

    I love it… I love the way you think!

  3. sham says:

    you fucking man whore

  4. DW says:

    I gotten those same replys from Kayla (black outfit wit orange belt), Kirsty (white t-shirt with pink panties) and the one in the black and pink bra with nurse sir. I have a few more from Kirsty, new pics and different text, but all with the same “my last boyfriend said i gave the best BJ’s ever” line.

  5. anon says:

    Wow, I’m so glad I went on an image search and found pics of a girl my bf had in his temp files on his pc!!!! I am relieved to know that despite the fact he was hunting, all he found was a scammer! Thank you!

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