WTF I swear to God I was 17 then I blinked and now I’m in my mid 30’s

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Ok, so in a couple days I’ll be 34.  I’m sitting here reflecting on this fact as most people do when this day nears for them. I’m kind of at a loss for words. It really feels like only yesterday, well maybe a couple weekends back, that I was crawling through sewer pipes with Artie and Johann in hopes of finding  subterranean pirate ship full of gold.

I just remember wanting to grow up and be an adult so badly back then. Now that I’m fast approaching middle age I wish I could be a kid again. As cliche as this is it was all so simple then. Not a care in the world except for maybe if I was going to make weight or which girl I was going to either sneak into my mother’s house or get to come over Nato’s house so I could slide their teenage angst soaked panties off.

Where did all the years go? Why did it feel like it took forever to turn 21 then once it came the next thing I knew I was 30?  I suppose it’s just part of life always wanting more then realizing once you get it you wish you could go back. I remeber just wanting to be done with school and adults telling me trust me your going to wish you were still this age someday.

Not that I’m unhappy with  or feel like I wasted my life, I wouldn’t change a thing but Jesus time flies when your having fun. I look at my Grandfather and realize I still have a way to go and someday I’ll be wishing I was 34 again. I guess it’s all part of life. Everybody wishes they were forever young.

  1. beatdomdavid says:

    Holy shit, dude, that’s old… Sorry. I know the feeling. Even though I’m younger than you I’ve aged a hell of a lot in the past two years – I have a stable job, a girlfriend… It’s weird.

    • Yeah it’s crazy, but on a brighter note at least I’m doing what I always wanted to do. Not many people get to grow up and be what they wanted to be……

      • beatdomdavid says:

        That’s very true. Some great writers didn’t even start writing until they were in their mid-thirties. You’ve had years of practice.

        And besides, publishers laugh at anything written by anyone under thirty.

  2. Rose says:

    I remember you at that age. Feel good about being this old, your not just cute anymore. Your hot! I will 34 on April 3rd!

  3. Marty says:

    What ever happened to that innocent chap?? How did he become the rotten heathen he is today?

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