Got an Idea Brewing. So I Sent This Over To Flying Dog Brewery

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Greetings and such. My name is Edaurdo Jones. I’m a regular contributor/ Art director of Beatdom magazine. As you can see by my topic post I am on deadline. I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a sort of interview about your fine brewery and the Thompson/ Steadman connection for an upcoming Issue. We are not for profit magazine. Which basically makes our staff a bunch of rejects from the isle of misfit toys. That’s not saying our staff is not a top notch group of writer’s and contributors. We are the finest bunch of freaks who ever got their grimy hands on a typewriter, pencil, camera, or catsup bottle. We have a true love for our craft and decided to make it our mission to allow the world to hear some off the best voices they may never had the opportunity to hear due to the way the publishing world tends to work. We provide free downloads of our issues and any profits made from hardcopy sales just go back into publishing costs.
Part two of this query is. I am a lover of your product, but being a starving writer it is not always easy to have the necessary funds to purchase your sweet amber nectar of the Gods. So I was wondering if I could obtain a sort of beer sponsorship from you. I will in turn give you more plugs than a leaky pirate ship through my various fan pages, blogs, etc,etc. I do have quite the cult like following and my first book is due to be released this year from City Of Recovery Press, a small independent publishing company. I’ve recently done an interview with Hunter S. Thompson about me and my work which I invite you to check out to see if I’m cut from the proper cloth.  Thank you for your time sincerely, Edaurdo Jones “The Voice Of The Doomed”
  1. Marty says:

    Hopefully it will work out for you.. It would be quite a coup. And thanks for the mention…

  2. limewire says:

    shoot amazing stuff dude.

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