Boston City Councilors say “FUCK THE GRAND CANYON!”

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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In light of Arizona passing its new Nazi esque immigration laws. Boston City Council President Michael Ross and Councilor Felix G. Arroyo are asking the City of Boston to pull out of any and all financial investments and contracts the city has with the state of Arizona and any Arizona based companies.  They’re also proposing citizens boycott traveling to Arizona.  The proposal is going up for council vote on Wednesday. It seems Boston is not the only city seeking to boycott the home of the Fourth Reich either. Washington DC, NewYork, and Los Angeles are also taking measures to boycott the state as well.

It’s a sad day when States in the home of the free and the brave are resorting to profiling citizens in hopes of detouring illegal immigrants.  This is the first step in initiating a police state.  As if the “Patriot” Act wasn’t enough. Sure many a fat cat Caucasian right winger probably thinks whats the big deal?  Well let me tell you if the police were pulling over every WASP wearing a Brooks Brothers suit or carrying a Prada bag and asking for a birth certificate. Those tea bagging bastards would be up in arms.  I’m proud to be a resident of a state that’s taking a stand for basic human freedoms and boycotting any state that’s taking up Nazi tactics to control its borders.

Councilor Ross I tip my hat to you for being a true defender of the American Dream in a day and age were its quickly turning into the American Nightmare with every passing minute…

  1. Marty says:

    As an outsider and regular visitor to the US I cannot but hope that this form of covert racism doesn’t catch on.. Didn’t America fight in a war, helping to ensure we in Europe didn’t have to goose-step our way through life? It would seem that security is becoming a synonym for racism..

    • Oh, yes over here in the states “secuirity” means if yr brown you better watch yr ass. Because we’re coming to rape Lady Liberty with spiked bat. Its pretty sad when a country founded or rather “stolen” by immigrants is enacting such vile disregards for basic human rights, such as being able to walk down the street minding yr own business. I guess these fascists fast forget unless you live on a reservation your ancestors “DIDN”T” belong here either. But such is the way of the white man since the beginning of time Rape, Pillage, Steal, Enslave, Persacute, and Kill, anybody whose skin doesn’t burn in the sun. Shit like this makes me wish the Mayflower was hit by a rogue wave and these bastards puritan blood lines were sipping tea in Davey Jones’s locker…

  2. I’m boycotting everything related to Arizona… which really doesn’t amount to much over here. But rest assured, if I find something, I’m staying clear. Fuck that racist shit.

  3. Marty says:

    It is the only way forward gentlemen in beating back this scourge.

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