And the biggest gift would be from me to you and the card attached would say.. Thank you for being a friend…. RIP CAMU TAO

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Short Stories
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Two years ago today I lost a friend and the world lost a talent like no other.  Tero “Camu Tao” Smith was a friend of mine. We were not as close of friends as others may have been with him. But none the less we were friends. Camu was a huge influence on me and many others. He taught the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned in my life. That lesson is a simple one and can be summed up in seven simple words. “ Aint shit worse than a wasted talent.”
I owe most of  my success as a writer to those seven words. You see for years I tried to do nothing but be a drug dealing gangster. Anybody who knows me, knows that aint me. But for some reason I felt that was what I wanted to do. Yeah, I’ve  been  writing for my entire life, but it wasn’t anything I was trying to pursue seriously. Then I started dabbling in it more and more. This is around the time I’d found out Camu was ill. I returned to Columbus in 2008 shortly before he passed. I had the opportunity to visit with Camu a few times in his last days. He’d pass on only days after my last visit with him.
When I saw Camu in his last days I did not see a dying man. I saw driven machine. I remember the first time I saw Camu in years was about a week or so before he passed. I was over at a mutual friend of ours house, partying with the boys at about 1Am. There was a knock at the door.  I got up to answer it and found Camu at the door. At first I didn’t recognize him. You have to remember the last time I saw Mu he was hulking 225 plus lbs. The person who stood in front of me was a very frail man. Until I looked into his eyes. Then I realized this was the Mu I knew. The fire in those eyes. It was un mistakable.  Why had Mu ventured out of his home at 1AM to pay us a visit in this condition? He came by to pick up his partner in crime Metro to go work in the studio. While most people in this condition would be giving in to deaths embrace and just giving up. Camu was still putting every ounce he had left in himself into his passion and his talent. Because as long as there was breath in his lungs, there was no way he’d dare waste that talent.
I then realized I was wasting my talent by not perusing the one thing that honestly I was better than anybody I knew at, as well as the one thing that actually made me happy.  It wasn’t selling drugs. In fact I hated selling drugs and honestly I wasn’t exactly that great at it. Sure I was the best at doing drugs, but when it came to selling them. Eh,  let’s just say it wasn’t my God given talent.  When Camu’s services rolled around the person giving his eulogy said the words that made everything crystal clear as the stars in the night sky. When you pass do you want to be remembered as a ripple in time or an indelible mark carved into the walls of eternity? Camu had achieved the latter of these two choices by pursuing his talents with every ounce of his being.  Through his music he touched the world. I didn’t want to remembered as some drug dealer. How long would I honestly be remembered for?  A couple years, then that’s a wrap. The world doesn’t remember nor mourn the loss of the guy selling drugs for long . No, God gave me a gift that could insure my memory would be carved in eternity’s walls right next to Camu’s and countless others who touched the world through their larger than life un wasted talents.
So I’d just like to say thank you to Tero Smith today.  For showing me the way. I’d also like anybody who loves reading my stuff and sends me messages telling me about how much they feel my stuff to thank Camu today as well. Because the whole reason I began to just put my all into writing was because of him. No one has influenced me more to do what I do. Not Hunter S. Thompson, Not Jack Kerouac, Not Charles Bukowski,  Not Mark Twain. The reason I’m a writer is because of Tero “Camu Tao” Smith. So today I say Thank you Mu! Thank you for being a friend!

  1. Darcy says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your gift with the world; for realizing your talents are better shared by pen to paper than in baggies and weights. What a gift…thanks for the inspiration.

    • Don’t thank me thank Tero. If not for his example and sadly his passing at such a young age I probably never would have realized I had such a gift to share. But your welcome, and thank you for feeling what I do. It’s stuff like this that makes it all worth while…

  2. allison says:

    just wanted to say that you already touched my life when i was younger.whatever you had to do to get by so be it,we have all been there before and for anyone to judge a man before walking in his shoes is where ALWAYS a great person to me and i have always had the memories i shared with you close to heart during times in my life where i had wished i didn’t exist anymore. your a damn good writer,and i have to say 20 years later your still one of the only faces i find comfort with. i love to come home after a bad day to smile and laugh at your stories .So mr.jones (lol) keep being you,you funny,quirky,sarcastic,sadistic,horney bastard your always in my thoughts…xo

  3. SLIMMY says:


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