Holly Weird comes to Jones – Finding the Beat…

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Beatdom Pieces, Uncategorized
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Good Day Mr. Jones,
My name is Trina DeMattei, I am currently in pre-production on a feature length documentary that I am directing entitled “Finding the Beat…”
I wanted to clarify that I received your contact info from David S. Wills at Beatdom Magazine. I happily stumbled on Beatdom in my research of everything Beat. I am so happy that David responded with such gusto for our little movie. In a series of get-to-know-you emails he proclaimed that he had poets/writers/artists who we should contact.
The intent of the documentary to find the Modern Beat. We will venture out on a road trip across America SF-NYC  to find our America through the eyes of its artists. We believe a legacy does exist and my intent is three fold:
1. To showcase (via our blog and film) and to meet/interview a series of subjects from various artistic backgrounds from all over America who we
believe display the modern Beat.
2.  To honor the members of the Original Beat Generation, who they were and how their work inspired our film. We aim to interview influential Beat historians and hopefully some who knew them personally.
3.) To explore various themes, including: The modern artistic community and if there is one.  How we get our art out THERE in the age of Twitter haiku’s and FB updates – does this lessen our art or contact with each other? How has America changed from when Jack 1st set out and more importantly (I think) how are we the same?
After David suggested your name, I found your blog. I read through a few of your posts/articles for Beatdom and I thoroughly enjoyed your writing. I went ahead and linked your blog on our blog roll. Check out our site at: http://www.findingthebeatmovie.com
On the site you can check out what we are about and who we are.
We are asking for contributors of all forms and we are currently on the look out for subjects. We started with Denver and we were overwhelmed with the response. We want to use our blog as a multi-media showcase as well as a format to discuss the making of the film.
Our intent is to film in Denver in August. We have a subject we are very interested in shooting his life, his work and of course the relevance of Denver to the Beats. We are currently preparing for fundraising (benefits here in Northern California and such) so we aim to use our Denver footage as a trailer/short for future fundraising efforts.
I really enjoyed reading your work and my intent in writing to you is to see if you would be interested in being a contributor to our blog as well as a possible subject?
Wow! Sorry it took so long to get to that!
You can learn more about me, here: http://www.trinademattei.com
I hope this letter finds you well and hope to hear from you soon,
Trina DeMattei
Finding the Beat…
A basic synopsis of the film/project..
A journey across America’s heart to find its Beat.

10 Cities : San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Austin, New Orleans, Chicago, Savannah, Memphis, D.C. & Boston.

10 Subjects: An artist picked from each city that displays the Beat of their city. We will go to meet them in person, see/hear their work and learn about their lives.

The Challenge: Of these 10, 3 will be invited to come along for the ride.

The Road trip: From SF to NYC -we will pick up our selected 3 and ask them to jump in the car and come along for the ride.

The Destination: New York City.

The End: A showcase in NYC . A night of music, art & poetry. A night to showcase all of the subjects of our documentary but especially the final 3. The audience that night will be comprised of the people (agents, editors, producers, artists) that NEED TO SEE THEIR WORK.

The Result: We’ve made our film. Our subjects will have received the recognition they deserved.

We’re on a journey across America’s heart to find its beat. Come on America, we’re ready.


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