Ever want to be in a movies credits or attend a premier like a Hollywood Big shot

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Since it costs a ton of money to make a feature length film most of the money comes from donations. The producers of finding the beat have come up with a pretty cool way to get people to dig into their pockets… The following is their proposal..


The money you pledge will go to crucial production needs like equipment rental, crew hire, travel costs, transportation, etc.  We have received an amazing outpouring of love and support for The Beat and we can’t wait to set out on our journey. But we really need your support to start our trip and to bring Finding the Beat to life!

Initial money will be used to film our first three subjects – ideally we would like to start this initial 3 week trip by August 2010. Big pledges, little pledges, whatever you can give will help us tremendously.

If you support the Modern Beat, DYI artists who are the will define the voices of this generation and inspire the next then please help! Your support is invaluable to help bringFinding the Beat to fruition and hopefully soon to the amazing end of the road – New York City.

Update: At this very moment we are submitting our application for fiscal sponsorship with the San Francisco Film Society. Once we have sponsorship any donation made over $250 will be tax-deductible.

At this time we can accept donations to our PAYPAL account. Please note: any donation made to PAYPAL  is not tax deductible.

Donator Rewards


Many thanks! And a electronic newsletter sent monthly with exclusive updates and footage on the artists we are showcasing and our trip across America.


The above plus a limited edition poster of the film.


All of the above and a free DVD of the film.


All of the above and a Thank You credit in the film under “FINANCIAL SUPPORT PROVIDED BY”.

PLEDGE $500 or MORE:

All of the above and if you are able to attend ANY of the Beat’s premiere (s)  a RESERVED SEAT will be waiting for you.


All of the above plus a ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit in the film.

PLEDGE $2,500 or more:

All of the above and receive an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit in the film

to donate or find out more go to http://www.findingthebeatmovie.com/blog/?page_id=346


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