Gobbledygook- Dec. 16,2006

A thousand Zen dragons flick their tongues at my sphincter. I have no clue where this came from. It just popped in my head. Busy bee busy bee….

Haverhill, Massachusetts, black hole of death and debauchery, home of the ghetto superstar. The town I grew up in, AKA Hell town……………

Why I’m thinking about Haverhill right now, is beyond me, but I am. It’s not much of a place, a former mill city, famous for the wonderful shoes, it once manufactured. The slipper Queen city of the world, was it’s first claim to fame. Several celebrities do hail from Hell, such as, the poet John Greenleaf Whittier, Rob Zombie, The Million Dollar man Ted Dibiase, Tom Bergeron, Jeff “The Hell Raiser” Fraza, and a few others, I can’t remember. Now it’s mostly famous for gangs and crack cocaine.

So, nothing strikes my fancy right now ,but I’m so fucking bored. I might as well ramble aimlessly here on the net. Who knows why or for what reasons? It’s just something to do, I suppose . Toxic propaganda spills from lips .

I tried to go to the bar tonight. But was so disgusted with the world, I didn’t even finish my drink. I know it’s getting bad, when drinking has even lost it’s appeal to me.

I’m not depressed, rather repressed at the moment, I guess. My financial situation is in shambles , serves me right for investing in high risk stocks, in a company whose CEO just went to jail. I should have invested in condoms and Tampons instead. As long as people are using one the other is always needed.

It seems I’m always broke this time of year anyways . The beginning of the new year always brings forth good fortune for me, for some reason. So, I believe, I’ll just stick it out for a couple more weeks, until the Gods of fortune smile on me again…………….

Doom is not in my immediate future, at least I don’t believe it to be. But, who knows?

I’m not hungry. But I’m starving. If that can make any sense?

I’m not cold, but I’m freezing to death.

It’s 2:26 AM: I’m talking to a computer screen. Not very fruitful, but it beats staring at the ceiling. I’m actually talking about nothing right now, and have nothing witty or poignant, to say at the moment.

So, my question is. Why are you reading this ?

Probably because like myself, at the moment you have nothing better to do , such as myself . This being the reason, I’m writing this right now. If you made it this far. I tip my hat to you.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…….

Yes, I’m extremely strange minded right now, almost delirious, with the strange tingling sensations of an acid flash back creeping over me for some odd reason. Why? I don’t know. It’s probably stress related, or something of that nature. I enjoy this word play though. For some odd reason , I know it’s all gobbledygook, but it passes the time. My hypothesis is that it will some how be self medicating to just babble on and on .

Sanity: As defined by Webster’s dictionary, is Soundness of mind. I find this to be a rather vague definition. It could be left up to the eye of the beholder. Maybe that’s what I’m seeking here, by this rambling, soundness of mind, I.E. sanity .

Now, who’s to say what soundness is? But Webster’s says. “It’s showing good judgment.” Well I’ll be dammed! As defined by Webster’s everybody is right I’m totally fucking insane! God damn it, and here I’ve been telling everyone for years, they’re the ones who are insane, for telling me I’m insane. I need to write about half a million apology letters, now that I’ve discovered the meaning of sanity . Son of a bitch, Fuck you, MR. Webster!

Wow, that was entertaining for a couple seconds, I suppose.

Random thought: Who the hell gave Webster the right to define sanity, and every other word in the English language?

This reminds how a friend of mine in Ohio said, If she ever had children, she would raise them far from civilization, and teach them some language of complete gobbledygook, then set them free on the world . Such examples are : “Let’s go giddy up in the scrammer, and go for a scribamble. Would translate to, as she put it, Let’s go get in the car, and go for a ride. I wonder if she’ll ever have children? I do believe, she’d really go trough with this. It’s just the type of sick human being she is. God bless her soul.

I should have known that I lost my mind three years ago, when I overdosed on speed and LSD, and had a five and 1/2 hour discussion with God, on the NFL draft. Oh well, a prison shrink told me, I was just a shining example of sanity. Which led my brother and mother to think, maybe the good doctor’s own brains where scrambled.

This is quite therapeutic. I’m finding at the moment . Yet again, my deepest gratitude to you, for making it this far.

O.k. for fear of losing this whole piece of gobbledygook, I just saved it. Which by the way, is the title of the first book I ever checked out of a public library, Gobbledygook, at the age of 3 or 4 with my dad . I never returned it either, by the way . I wonder what 27 years of late charges add up to, anyway? Who cares anyway? I’m sure there may be some neo fascist librarian somewhere trying to hunt me down as we speak, though. Imagine the look of shock on my face if they ever find me.

How goes the ways of the world? Could my doppelganger be doing exactly what I’m doing right now ? Typing exactly word for word what I’m typing ,and if we ever stumble across each others work, will the universe simply implode? This I believe, is an excellent question. I’ll have to dig deep into this subject, and get back to you at a different date. Does anyone know the facts on doppelgangers? If so, contact me with the details.

People are going to be shocked, because now twice, I’ve posted this thing here, for reasons of fear of loss and so on and so on.

Again, thank you, for making it this far.

I’m a very extroverted, yet sometimes introverted human being. If that makes sense at all. I guess it must be some sort of personality disorder, or something. But, who gives a fuck?

All I know is, I’m having tons of fun at the moment, and am in a way better mood, than when I started this gobbledygook piece. So, I’m sitting here laughing, about how great of a joke I am, rather than, crying in my proverbial beer. Which I believe, is a good thing. I recommend it to any one else on the verge of a nervous breakdown ..AMEN

So hold on a moment while I excuse myself for a nicotine num- num…………

Never mind, I found a piece of Nicorette, instead. I already told you how it’s the 8th wonder of the world, correct? Good, I’m glad. This is probably getting way to long for any one to read in it’s entirety but hey let’s see.

I once fished for wishes out of a well in a town called hell

Just more random bull shit, popping in my head. I don’t know why I write it down here? Perhaps, it’s like Ike Boogie says “It’s random until you write it down, then it’s concrete.“ He believes, I’m paving some wonderfully magic road, or something like that ..Which, hey, I thank him for ,but I think the good people at Webster’s may say his soundness may not be entirely intact.

So, with a little bit of this and that, I’ve managed to sew a few paragraphs together which may or may not be logical or comprehendible. I guess,. I’m through here now with this one Again, if you made it this far, thank you.

I perch atop my pedestal, watching the screams of drama queens in Oscar worthy performances, day in and day out


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