The way its going down

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The way it’s going down……..

The long, winding road every serious writer travels through self-exploration has led me to a clearing — a profound conclusion about my work and my art. While inspiration from previous generations got me started on my road, they could not clear the brush or pave it for me. Anyone with a pen can be a writer, but to be an artist I must try to be a new voice on that road rather than an echo from the woods. I am not Beat. I am not a Beatnik. I am not a modern Beat. I am not Gonzo. I am Edaurdo Jones. I write stories, and that is all.

I will no longer contribute to Beatdom. While I am grateful for the exposure I gained from Beatdom, I feel it necessary to move on to a new project that focuses more on a new and original voice rather than reexamining the past. There’s no future in looking backwards. I’ve come to the realization that Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson and any other original voice that has inspired me was never so concerned about paying constant tribute to or riding the coat-tails of previous generations in order to get ahead. They were all busy carving their own niche out in the world. I highly doubt any of them as they became more serious as writers said “I’m trying to be the new or modern_____.” While a young and naïve, Thompson may have once claimed to be the new F. Scott Fitzgerald, but as he came into his own, he was only concerned with being Hunter S. Thompson.

I cannot lie, a young and naïve Edaurdo Jones once wanted to be the new Hunter S. Thompson, but as I’ve become more serious about my craft, I’ve decided those are foolish concepts, a safely paved road for the young and scared. The world does not like an imitation. The world is looking for an original. What I’m striving to do, as my predecessors all did, is to showcase the architecture of the building, not the foundation. I do not want to say I built my name with the lumber of another.

So what does the future hold? I’m going about the process of brainstorming a way to showcase our generation’s voices without the tethers of the past. I’ve talked with a Web designer about building a site to allow writers and artists of all genres to showcase their new voices. No date is set in stone for a launch date. It is merely an idea at the moment. This will be what I will start focusing my energies on. A way for those who wish to be heard to be heard without being branded the “new” or “modern” anything. There is a reason why they say our generation has no voice. That reason is — we are far too scared to carve out our place in the world on our own. I invite anyone of you who would like to take part in this endeavor to contact me with your ideas or work.

  1. Roman Mukhametlatypov says:

    Any socially active author should eliminate social tensions through the solution which leads to a consensus between the social classes.

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