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Posted: August 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It seems there has been confusion about my recent letter of resignation to Beatdom, and I feel I must emphatically clarify that I am not walking away from Finding the Beat.

Today is a new day, yesterday is a distant memory, and nobody knows what tomorrow holds. Its days like this I look at my Grandfather and think. “Jesus, old man I wonder what you think about what the world has become?” 90 years is a long time to have spent spinning around on the tilted axis. I suppose one starts feeling out of place when the world keeps changing faster than you can comprehend. 56 years ago Gramps was the same age as me 34. Television was the newest technological marvel, and Jack Kerouac was just getting on the road. Now we have high speed instant access to explore and connect with every road in the world at the click of a mouse. You can watch television on a telephone you can bring anywhere you can get a signal bounced off a tower from now. That concept was science fiction to me only 15 years ago. Where will I be in 56 years? Lost in a world I cannot even comprehend.

So where am I going with this? I recently decided to no longer contribute to the publication known as Beatdom. I had decided this publication was far too concerned with making a name off of a commercialized, packaged concept of my grandfather’s generation at the expense of the integrity of his generation and the identity of my own. There is a difference between examining the seeds of inspiration and how those seeds have sprouted up into a tree and just riding on the proverbial dicks of giants. In my resignation letter, I clearly stated I was not Beat or modern Beat and did not want to be branded as such.

So by staying on with Finding the Beat, am I hypocrite? I just dropped out of a publication was that was strictly dedicated to the Beats. How can I stay on with a project that is looking for the modern beat?

There is a distinct difference in these projects. The main one is this; finding the Beat is more so dedicated to showing the similarities these two generations share and the lessons our generation learned from the Beats. How their voices guided us along the way into growing into our own. Much the same way my grandfather’s wisdom helped me grow into the man I am today. The director and producers of Finding the Beat are trying to showcase the new and original voice that has evolved from the seeds of inspiration. Beatdom, in my opinion, has no concern about the future and is only concerned on traveling down a safe and proven path, a misguided concept for the young and naïve. It’s far easier to build your name off the lumber of another than it is to mill it yourself.

The director and producers of Finding the Beat are not looking for the next Jack Kerouac. The name can be misleading. What they are doing is searching for the beat inspiration that sparked the voices of this generation. The beat that set us out on the road to finding our own voice, and examining the evolution of literature and culture in general.

How do I know this is true and the other publication is not trying to do the same? I had once asked the editor of the publication. “Why don’t you focus this magazine on the new voice, rather than focus so much on picking apart the works of those that obviously inspired us?”

His answer was that a new voice does not sell magazines, and people are more concerned with and want to know about the Beats than what we have to say.

This is the difference I see in the two projects. Finding the Beat is searching for that new voice. They are concerned with and do want to know what we have to say. And in the end, I’ll only put my name on something I support and believe in. I believe in Finding the Beat. Sincerely, Edaurdo Jones The Voice of the Doomed….

  1. 7os3th says:

    Very well put and sincere. I agree 100%. For the guy to respond to your question in that way.. gross. I understand what Finding the Beat is doing and what it’s goal ultimately is. That is what we as artists are striving to be, unique, and recognized because of that. Not clones of the previous and labeled as genre.

  2. Bonnie Altwies says:

    One of the best things I have read from you.
    From the heart is always the way to connect with readers. The pic is great,too.

  3. Marie akaDrHunter Linke says:

    Great clarification there, Mister Jones. And not only written from the heart, but with dignity also. Good work, champ.

  4. Dr.William S. Bonnie says:

    anti-news is born

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