My mind was a horrible place, here’s a taste….

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Poetry
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I decided to go for a trip down memory lane today. I started reading through some poetry, I wrote over the years. I used to enjoy writing this stuff as experiments. Nothing I took too serious, but re reading allows me to get inside my head, and see where I was at mentally. This one right here I wrote in the throes of a meth amphetamine bender. So here, I’ll share some of my thoughts from  when I was really out of my mind…

Wash these sins from my soul as I grow old

Step out of the darkness into angelic light

Let it engulf me whole

Danced cheek to cheek with the devil across Hell’s coals

It took it’s toll

More than twice trying to make men out of mice

Scars on my heart strings from the slice

A being not some waste of life

Work became my wife

You only need to fuck the trife

Burn my mark on times wall

Not some neurotic flash in the pan

Crushed in the palm of a hand

No longer balancing on the edge of a knife

Began living life

No more tears to cry over the snakes lies

Only the heart less truly dies
Just another one of society’s lies

The winner never cries

Up through the abyss

A bus I could not miss

Karma sealed it with a kiss

Dreams are for living

The rest is for sleeping

Regret all the weeping

Thought fate was fleeting

Hope kept getting deleted

Forgot where I was seated

Intoxicated on the depleted

Needles in my feeble brain

Death pumping through perforated veins

With a heart full of pain

Watching souls twirling down the drain

Abel should of slain Kane
Neurosis induced by psychosis

Touching lips with death’s icy kiss

The show that couldn’t be missed

Who really got dissed?

That’s the part everybody dismissed

Soul churning watts pouring through the skies

While destiny hides in a disguise

Can you decipher the snakes lies

Tongue twisters spit until tongues blistered

Talk about wiping the bottom of the pipe

Foul ass tripe

Listing the mights

Should of, could of, only if he would have……..

That’s what drove him mad

Putting ambition inside of a glad bag

Sleeping with soulless hags

Laughing while he brags

Broken dreams are what he drags

Judged by the chrome on the mags and the size of the bags

Just couldn’t drown that bastard’s sorrow in the bottom of a bottle

Take your foot off the fucking throttle!

The bridge is burnt

you should have turned

I knew I should have left at that last right

Bad health from time kept on the shelf

Doesn’t matter if you just let it shatter

Who’s the fucking Matter

You want it served up on a platter

Climb the Goddamn ladder

Or do you got a weak bladder?

Pockets can only get fatter
Lint gets scattered

When your madder than a hatter

Trying to dissect matter

Over the laughter

Where’d he go?


Down that lonely road

Only if he listened to what was told

Always so bold

Discovered that Hell is really cold

When you start thinking your old

They definitely broke the mold

What happened to the code?

Lost it about five miles down the road

Trying to spin midnight into gold

On nothing more than a prayer
Tip toeing in the beasts lair

Different songs we’d sing

Had we known these things

To busy grabbing for rings

Thinking the merry go round

Not paying in flesh by the pound

What is that sound that’s coming from underground?

You can still hear it from the top of the mound

Listen it will help with the decision

That seems to be the mission

Only if he stopped wishing

He’d see what’s been missing

Into the wind he just kept pissing

See its really feces

Just tear those miserable meeses to pieces

Then it all ceases

Foundations are laid under wonder

Can’t you hear that thunder

Reality got plundered

Sniffed through a hundred

Bloody nose hose and an armful of hoes

Recipe for the Woes

Deceit only grows

That’s all he knows

Watch the trouble bubble into double

Time to adjust the treble

It’s on another level

Hope you brought the shovel

Or did you leave it to the humble

I may stumble but I never tumble

One too many cocks of the walk got smashed on those rocks

Drinking cheap wine on the main line

Jelly fish spines go in boxes made of pine packed in Lyme

After they drop a dime

That’s not the crime

It’s the times

Read between the lines

Can’t you see the signs?

Juggling minds is what you’d find

But Justice is always blind

Who’d you loose your mind?

It’s your call

It might fall off that ball

Over the long Haul

How high did we build that wall

It can never got too tall

Smothered by mothers
Fighting with brothers

Following others

Sucking on the udders

Little pig’s getting awfully big

From filling rigs

Insides soft as rotting figs

All the graves we dig

Ambition is a fatherless child walking in the wild

Riding the snake as the earth quakes

Learning about life’s mistakes

Scraping a Chevy’s breaks

Is all it takes

Then you awake and see the fake

Commotion is the motion that stirs the ocean

Broken backs laid them tracks across the cracks

Would of dipped instead of slipped
past cracking whips

You won’t get sick from just one prick

Skins only so thick

compared to a brick

Mountains crumble under bundles

Stomachs rumble

when it’s not rare the cupboards bare
can I do it my way?

It’s not a question just a suggestion

To clear this congestion

Who’s honey really is money

It always smells funny buddy

When waters so muddy

Those aren’t wishes
They’re fishes rotting on dirty dishes

Just bitches every time she misses

never sealed with kisses

Can’t be submissive on the issues

Or they’ll miss you

Boo Hoo

Is that you still feeling blue about what to do

Get a clue or come unglued

Screams splitting the seams of the American dream

Murdered on a triple beam over CREAM

Because the schemes of fiends

Planted the seeds of dirty deeds

the earth bleeds unease


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