My mind is being plagued by dreams, lately. It’s the same dream night after night. In the dream, I’m seated at a desk on the beach, the Ocean is in front of the desk, the waves are towering 100’s of feet in the air. There is no storm though; it’s a bright sunny day.  My thoughts are extremely lucid. I’m writing in this dream. I’m working on something of epic proportions. I can feel the words pouring out of me, I can see them on the page, but I cannot read; what I’m writing. All I can do is hear the keystrokes, the roar of the ocean, and feel the emotion of the words, as I gaze out at the sea.

The water in the ocean is crystal clear. I can see giant fish swimming through the waves. It’s as if they are suspended in animation at times. With every keystroke the waves grow larger, but I am at peace. There is no fear, but rather a comfort I cannot describe.

What does this mean? I’ll be damned if I know. What I do know is; I do not like waking from this dream. It’s as if I feel I need to finish, every time I wake up, I try my hardest to get back to it. But as many of you know, it is nearly impossible to find the exact dream; you just awoke from in your subconscious, once you venture back into it. But for some reason I’ve had this same dream for 7 consecutive nights.

If anybody can help me figure out what this means, I invite you to do so.  It must have some sort of significance. Why else would I continue to dream the exact same dream night after night?


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