A letter to Mattel regarding my idea for modern Barbie& Friends

Posted: September 7, 2010 in letters
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To Whom It May Concern; as you know the world is changing. The times are not the same as when Barbie first debuted. I’m sure you have noticed this and are planning on updating Barbie and her friends to the times. I have come up with an idea to make Barbie and her friends up to speed with the times and bring a new generation of children joy& happiness with characters, they can relate to. The following is a list of new Barbie’s and related play sets.

  1. Meth lab Ken; complete with meth lab, syringe, track marks, and pick-able skin lesions. Shadow people and exploding doublewide trailersold separately
  2. Teen pregnancy Skipper; complete with WIC certificate, bathroom birth feature, and three babies of multi racial backgrounds. *Maury Povich who my baby daddy? play set sold separately. *Abortion center and protesters play set, also sold separately.
  3. Craig’s List Barbie; complete with computer, S&M dominatrix kit, sex toys, oral, vaginal, and Greek openings, Transgender option, and STD vaginal discharge action. *Hotel room and Bitch-slap Ken Pimp doll sold separately.
  4. Ken & Tyrone Interracial gay marriage my two dads set; Complete with rainbow flag, sequined baby stroller and Asian baby. * Disco house rave wedding chapel set sold separately.

I have more ideas for new characters and play sets we can discuss in the future. Looking forward to working together, Edaurdo Jones


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