To Whom It May Concern; hello, my name is Rev. Edaurdo Jones of The  First United Christian Knowledge Union, I’m writing this letter in regard to your “Devil” dog snack cakes. How dare you push your satanic snacks on the good people of this country? I see what you’re doing, trying to draw children into the fiery pits of hell with satanic influences hiding behind the sugary goodness of delicious snacks, drawing the youth of this fine nation into the first of 7 deadly sins–Gluttony, and paving the road to hell for them with cream filled bricks of evil. I for one will not stand for this atrocity! I plan on making it my mission to uncover your pact with the devil!  I have already made arrangements with my brother the Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Out Reach Ministry  in Florida to also burn your Devil dog snack cakes at his upcoming Quran burning ceremony this weekend of 9/11, as a united front against all those who oppose the decent Christian American way.  I am writing this letter to give you the opportunity to cease and desist manufacturing your satanic snacks and save your souls from an eternity in the fiery pits of hell. I have already contacted the Christian media, and Glen Beck himself will be tossing the first box of your Satan dogs onto the fire! We will fight Satan and his minions on every front, including the snack food industry. God will not have mercy on your souls! I bid you farewell in the name of Christ, The Rev. Edaurdo Jones of the F.U.C.K. U

  1. Dr.William S. Bonnie says:

    ah brilliant yet again

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