Ballad of the one Eyed King

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Cast down upon the rocks of doubt
broken  is the heart of the one eyed king

Golden angel of mercy spreads her wings
cradles his broken soul in her burning aura
pray for this sinner
pray for his soul

she saved him once from deaths embrace
single tear falling from grace
All is well in the house of love
the ceilings leaking in the palace of passion
two dogs howl at the hunters moon
drowning in the bottom of a spoon
sail away  across the sky
far, far, far from prying eyes
open to me your gates of lust
feel  my burning trust
downward spiral
burning on the pyre
carved in the bust of lady luck
The one eyed king rules the blind
torture the sky
it bleeds pain
onto the fields of life
cut sharp the harpies tongue
wander forever never knowing where I’m from
lock me in infinities womb
lay me down below humanities tomb
let me taste her lips
let me lose  my self in that Angels eyes
burn for me
burn for me
burn for me
or I shall die
the death
of a thousand peasants
cast down the mountain
into a lake of fire
dance with me across the seas
dance with me to the end of days
dance with me
dance with me
dance with me

until tomorrow dies


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