I enjoy looking back through old stuff, I wrote when I was extremely fucked up on drugs. I noticed I wrote a ton of poetry when I was in altered states. I believe I’ll start posting it.

I am the five hundred  pound baboon monkey heart -transparent deathcicle piercing your nipple.-

Soft crimson razor ticklers-

Kissing at nubile forms of inspiration

glimmer of karma’s pouting lips-

cosmic solar powered soul glasses staring at the jealousy in Orion’s belt-

tempting taste of virginal blood-

God’s drowning in the bottom of a wishing well. mental prism splitting thoughts into a million points of light-

washing the evil out of clothes at karma cleaners-pocket full o’ lint-

ghetto mint-ink to print-lemon crusted mantra muncher…

Bottle bottom sorrow drawer-

hairline crack in heavens gate.

entrance obtained only by theft and deception. plum red trauma worm-burrowing in the brain

nodding keystrokes ignite the night in triple trailing movement-

washboard stained with dirty secrets.

ships run aground on destinies rocky beaches.

break in case of emergency-

The words on the glass snot-box-

Grow wild like a weed, but wise like a tree.

twisting tightness of greed’s fist-tuning in the subconscious.

double step karma visions past eraser.

Formulating serial fantasies to save my sanity- clipping coupons for angel wings …

burn blessed at both ends .


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