Dinner Date

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Severed heart strings pounding on the gates of sorrow.

The grounds keeper of the golden mind’s been planting tulip bulbs in the garden of the subconscious

grape vines spiral round the fence of time.

the air carries the scent of inspiration cross the sea of tranquility

it tickles the nostrils of the God of creativity.

His brush strokes dance across the empty canvas.

The river of sorrow twists down from the mountain of hope.

Butterfly screams  haunt my dreams.

A three legged dog sits on the the front porch of the home of lady luck

While a blind man window shops on the streets of destiny

Kiss the sky

.Eat the lies

Father time rocks an infant in his arms as mother nature sings a lull a by.

The sky  smiles on the doomed.

while the moon whispers sweet nothings in the ears of the lost.

Why coddle that bottle.

It’ getting late and fate’s already late for a date.

Fishing for wishes in a crystal clear shallow lake.

water so clear it seems they are suspended in air.

They always swim right by.
Reality hired a publicist and is now on television

,eating dinner over at the the neilson families house.

Waiting on a collect call from God.

patience bites his tongue.

argue over nothing in a glass.

Innocence can’t read a map

Lost souls hitchhike down the highway to hell.

Morality stands at a fork in the road.

While humanity stands at it’s cross roads.

the windows are dirty in the house of dreams.

While shooting stars wish on us.

Shed my skin to begin again.

We stand together but fall alone.

every voice deserves a microphone.

Toxic subconscious plague bleeding on the page.

locked in the tomb of a infinity’s womb ,

the only room with a view.


Something happened somewhere and I don’t know what it is

Billy Shakespeare where the hell you been?

Pass it over hear my friend.

Before our journey comes to an end


Watching as time marches on

Everybody knows the words to that song.

So sing along



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