Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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133/365: Through the looking glass...

Image by Betsssssy via Flickr


Through the looking glass

I gaze upon the fields of solitude

High above the land of conformity

I spit at the emperors new clothes

I rage against your machine

As I dance for the rain

slowly, slowly, slowly

I ride the waves of euphoria

towards the sea of tranquility

Deeper, deeper, deeper

Wash the sins from my soul

I bath in silence

Because I once showered with violence

Take my hand

take my hand and let me lead you to tomorrow

let me wash away your dreams

let me be your dream

let me scream the butterflies scream

let me be the end

I crawl through the primordial ooze

up to the surface of existence

just to pierce you with cold eyes

Don’t listen to the snake

It lies

It sings the songs of war

carry me cross the river Styx

carry me to oblivion

carry me to salvation

carry me beyond tomorrow

help me carry my sorrow

for the weight of eternity rest on my chest

and the lips of Venus dance cross my tongue

flicker like a candle caught in a draft

cast away on the sea of vengeance

Blood red tide

rolling over vanities face

jealousy bares her fangs and sinks them deep in beauty’s throat

Innocence is lost in the bottom of the soul well

twenty units of pure sleep

creeps deep through the veins of a man named pain

softer, softer, softer

Let my weary eyes catch forty winks

as this ship sinks

eternal rider of the night

born again at first light

crack in heavens gate

maybe if you shake the hand of fate

carry me

carry me, carry me



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