Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Walk with me through the eternal garden of fire
wailing summer winds blow the rooftops off heredity

The moon is my sun in the land of the nocturnal
Thousand points of night pierce the minds eye
As the lizard screams shatter the sky
The shamans lips kiss my dreams
Wander, wander. wander, wander to the END
My only friend
Thousand miles deep and seven hundred long
Still I wander on
Sunshine eternal
Pall barer at Gods Funeral
Seize the day of the dog
Two souls bleed the lost cause of love
as the heavens open
and mother earth swallows time whole
wander, wander, wander on
Wander with me to the gates of beyond
eat at times table
drink his wine
eat his meat
love his mind
die yesterday
be born tomorrow
carry on
carry on
Drink infinity out of the golden chalice
In my broken palace
sing your songs of time gone on
bask in the moon beams
drown in the blackness
cool black gun metal death
holding my hand in the winter sun
run with me run with me
Run to the ends of eternity
run through the blood soaked streets of the city of infamy
Run, run, run
wrap yourself in deaths embrace
feel the death veil’s lace
taste it with your skin
sordid sin
body of light
eyes of lust
tongue of trust
just one thrust
the ancient ones wander on
because the song remains the same
no matter what the name…
We all burn eternal



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