Taste of Tomorrow

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Single ray of destiny beaming through the pain

Utopia kisses Babylon full on the lips

Infinity slips into the beyond

As karma jumps through hoops of repetition

Early morning tradition investing in corruption to stake fame at euphoria’s wake

Take a taste of sweet teenage waste

Sing for the doomed in our generation’s tomb

Cold as death’s womb

Spitting in the eye of high noon

Crack the gates of fate

While science debates the ultra violence of silence

All hail defiance the souls appliance

Scheme the dreams of the fiends seeds planted in the soil of dirty deeds

Carry duty on our shoulders over sanity’s golden boulders

Screaming dawn is upon today’s health

Broken pockets of wealth drinking out of the wishing well

Listening to Love’s spell

We dwell in between time’s space

Sipping mace to taste tomorrows face

Dissecting mirror images of faith laid to waste in greed’s embrace

Lace your boots of glory tight as you march across twilight

In the winter of despair all rules bend under capitol winds

Sailing across onyx pools of greed

The jackals tighten our shackles

As corporate product placement brands our backs

Slipping through the cracks

Butterflies sing the songs of the nothing men

Locked in a den of inequities

Paid in sin’s royalties

Fathom deep liberty sleeps

While justice weeps for the sheep too scared of the beep of the eternal snooze control

Pay the toll before  the root of God’s rotten tooth

150  proof audio slaves dig humanities graves along the steep grades of forgotten days

Innocence plays on evil’s doorstep in the land of Bubba ho teps

Own the curse of never being able to press reverse

Thirst for knowledge in the halls of truth

Because wishes are nothing more than fishes rotting on dirty dishes covered in soul salmonella vanilla media bacteria




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