The Doomed

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Karma dances on the grave of lies.
Tears fill destiny’s eyes.
As fate cleans the slate.
Promises lay broken at the doorstep of good intentions.
Faith attends God’s intervention.
While humanity balances the scales of salvation.
Yesterday lays slain at the thresh hold of tomorrow.
There are no coins for poverty to borrow.
The wishing well is over flowing with sorrow of wasted tomorrows.
Broken dreams split it’s seams.
Today honor is carried home on it’s shield.
Seeds of hope sow famines fields,
But corruption is the only crop it yields.
Twisted lies fill Liberties eyes.
As poison spills from the forked tongue of deception.
Because the truth was aborted soon after conception.
Jealously sinks it’s fangs deep in beauty’s throat.
While Vanity drowns in it’s own reflection.
Brass tacks adorn Freedom’s casket.
Democracy’s lie sleeps fathom deep counting it’s sheep.
As the American Dream listens to the earth worms tails slither over it’s coffin’s nails.
Big brother’s digital eyes invade our Analog world.
Sing the songs of the nothing men as they crack heaven’s gates.
Shake the hand of a blind man named Faith.
Who sips only Father times finest wine.
Never dottle with that bottle.
The robots gears spin at full throttle.
Cast my line into sub conscious waters.
Lurid languid black pool of tools soaking your skin.
Is it time for the ceremony to begin?
What is life without sin?
A thought left to ponder as we wonder down eternities road.
Free to spread un-shackled wings, and sing the songs fallen angels sing.
Watch both the Saint and the sinner sit down and eat dinner.
We all play the game where there is no winner.
Allow you to drink from the golden chalice locked in my mental palace.
Miner in the caverns of the gold mind.
150 proof prophecies spit from the roots of a rotting tooth.
The snake slithers between Serenity’s thighs.
Whispering the lies of a thousand bastard’s fathers.
While kissing the lips of every mother less whore.
Time to check the cosmic score
The arteries of Eternity are clogged with the ills of society.
While the world burns in blasphemys



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