Untitled Poem

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Tell me your fears and I’ll show you my dreams.

Let you climb over the walls I built ten miles high around me.

You can play tag with my inner child for a while.

Gobbledygook that’s all it is

gibberish for you to  make a wish on

let you escape inside of my head

because you wished you were dead

and needed a friend

So I extended a hand

and told you  the tales of the doomed

and people they lock in rooms

cold as a tomb

can you hear the butterfly’s scream?

only when I dream

fell from grace flat on my face

just for one taste

what a waste

this basket case

sing for the sinners

who go without dinner

in eternal winter

never would have sold my soul

if I knew hell

was this God damn cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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