Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Yup'ik shaman exorcising evil spirits from a s...

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Misery lays crumpled at the doorstep of defeat
Fresh  blood stains the boots of contempt
The last drop of victory clings to the glass
Pity rises from the ashes burning like a phoenix

Greed feasts on the veins of the wealthy
While harmony starves in poverties soul kitchen
Empowerment stands atop the highest peak
As doubt crashes to the rocks below
Infamy will live forever
But solace dies alone
Gaze over the fields of Humanity
Shamans grow the maze of life
hear the medicine man dance across the moon
watch the snake coil round the sun
crushing out the light
dance to the garden of night
The time has come
to bare our innards
at the table of time
Today’s special
Tofu soul
with a side of lime
pass the wine father time
Drink the sorrow
mother earth borrowed
For the moon is my son
and the sun is my daughter
Come all ye lambs to the slaughter
Broken wishbone laying in the doorway of judgment
Angels tears fill the bowl sitting by the throne
of the emperor of new Rome
grains of sand
slipping through the glass
If I am the ending
you must have been the beginning


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