How Many times has this happened to you

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Poetry

Belly up at the bar

No tears in your cup

Probably staring

At a television set

some drunk


Your ear full of drunken


All because you

Made the mistake

Of saying I’m a writer

Yr. A fahkin writer

Ya know I got a fahkin great story

For you to write

Really have I got a book for

You to write..

Trying yr best to be polite

Perhaps even phase them


Nodding your head

Not hearing a word

Trying to drink that

Drink they bought

You down as fast you can

And make yr. way to the bathroom

Don’t even bother to say you got

To go

For  a smoke

Because they’ll

Just say great idea

I’ll come with you

We can talk about

This book I want you

To write………

Why does every drunk at the bar

have a story for you to tell?



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