Jonesing For A Clamrod…..

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Poetry

495 to good ol 93

Take you down route 1

to a place where Green Monsters

wear Red Sox & a Yawkey Way

where Tobin & Gravel yards shake

where pizza and blowjobs are cheap

take you on a tour with no duck boat


look out

you ain’t from around here are youz

Really aint no place to Pahk ya Cah

the T is only place to be

cuz Charlie likes ta pahty

just take a look at his banks




yah fahkin’ bhote

hahvud fahkin’ yahd fhagguts

ya see um.. fhak dis place

I prefer summah’s up North

Portland claw crackin

tubin down the Kancamagus

White mountain star light &

whiskey river soaked dreams

we got stories up heah

wicked tales

we tap trees

kill meat & eat

harvest of bon fire

hahd muthah fuckahs

granite like grave diggahs

Enslaved by Nor’ Eastahs


no, we just don’t give a flyin fuck bout you

come soak your soul in

the merri, or pemi, or many lakes

wash the everywhere else off yah,

we don’t care cause you ain’t stayin

what you fucks leave behind will

always wash






Life is but a dream……..

(end muthah’ fahkin’ poem faggots)



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