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One track gold mind
Pissing in the urinal of Time
Stones throw from eternity
Biting winter cold
Basking in the sunshine of infinity
Dip my toes
in the  sea of tranquility
Watching waves of euphoria
Breaking on the coast of Karma

Voice less pain
dances on a razors edge
true love pledged
signed in blood
heart stringed severed
one man measured
pay my weight in gold
to know my fate alone




Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Oven's Womb

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It’s her individuality

her spirituality

the body of venus

with the mind of a genius


Fuck Americana
you can buy
her dripping
open ghastly


Fuck the prodigal meat puppet

sitting on his throne



Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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133/365: Through the looking glass...

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Through the looking glass

I gaze upon the fields of solitude

High above the land of conformity

I spit at the emperors new clothes


Cast down upon the rocks of doubt
broken  is the heart of the one eyed king



Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Yup'ik shaman exorcising evil spirits from a s...

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Misery lays crumpled at the doorstep of defeat
Fresh  blood stains the boots of contempt
The last drop of victory clings to the glass
Pity rises from the ashes burning like a phoenix