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So my good friend Martin Flynn sent me over a copy of Wayne Ewing’s new release Animals, Whores, and Dialogue.  I think I was supposed to have this done for Hunter’s birthday yesterday, but I was busy drinking Chivas on the shores of Portland, Maine– with three beautiful women.  I find due to the subject of this piece– it’s only fitting to be over my deadline. I believe Hunter would have been doing the same thing on his birthday.
Wayne Ewing has created a masterpiece. This is not your typical documentary. Imagine sitting in the kitchen with an old friend. Just the two of you, a bottle of Chivas, and a handful of friends and neighbors. What would you give to just watch the good doctor do his thing?  How would it feel to be part of the Owl Farm club?  Wayne Ewing has bought you the ticket, so you can take the ride.  I now feel as if I was and am a good friend of the family, after viewing this. The film is incredibly personal. It’s beyond just the Gonzo persona. It’s the good Doctor just being Hunter and telling you how it is.  Hunter shares his secret to success in life with you and the method behind the madness or “the formula” as he calls it.
It’s incredible to watch the excitement in Hunter’s eyes as either a friend or he himself  reads aloud past works.  It’s as if he was hearing them for the first time.  Hearing Hunter tell the story behind the stories is just for the lack of a better term simply amazing. I don’t think there really are any words that could capture the true Just-us factor this film has. This film is a must watch for any fan of Hunter S. Thompson. Anybody who’s ever thought or said  “I wish I could have hung out with Hunter S. Thompson one time.” Well now you can thanks to Wayne Ewing.  It was a high honor just to watch this film. In closing all I can say is after watching this “ I now feel as if I’m a close friend of Hunter S. Thompson and spent an evening at the Owl Farm and had a few drinks with the gang.”

Marty Flynn journalist and master Gonzo scholar has once again found me to be appropriate fodder for his cannon.  What does this savage Irish man have to say? Well, you’ll just have to go over to his site and see for your self.   Here’s the link to the Edaurdo Jones Reality piece Mr. Flynn posted early this Sunday morning.  “Maximas tibi gratias ago” Mr. Flynn “Maximas tibi gratias ago”

So today I received a very special present on my door step compliments of my good friend Martin Flynn over at I’ve been talking with Mr. Flynn for quite some time now on a regular basis. Although our conversations are usually strange and demented (*I attribute this to the fact he hails from a country whose peoples blood type is either Jameson or Guinness depending on the time of day or particular day of the week.) One day he asked about my book collection. I laughed and said “what book collection?” Demented fiends such as myself travel light and have no room to be packing books along side kilograms of illicit substances and boxes of shiny hollow point bullets. But since luckily those days are now just a deep mental scar from times long ago, along with the fact I’m stable in my residence and have no plans to up and leave for quite some time, Marty thought it’d be a good idea for me to get my collection started. So he mailed me over a couple of UK 1st editions of two of my favorites and other assorted  goodies.   So many thanks to you Mr. Flynn you babbling drunken sheep molesting bastard. I know you are cut from the same bloody cloth Jesus wiped his ass with… Ciao- Jones