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So early this morning on a warm spring day I set out on the road with my grandfather to pay my respects to one of the greatest American author’s who ever lived.  It was kind of ironic because I’d never been before, but I used to work at the cemetery Kerouac is buried in. I would hang the Christmas decorations at the chapel in Edson Cemetery just yards from his grave for a couple years straight. Without ever knowing one of my heroes laid only a short distance away. It’s kind of sad to see one of the greatest contributors to American literature is only honored with a small plaque on the ground. A few joints and a pair of sunglasses laid on the stone. I left a copy of Issue 5 said my peace and left with more inspiration than I’ve felt in years.

For Gramps it was a different sort of experience it saddened him to see Jack was only honored with a paupers stone. However it did spark an interest into Kerouac’s life and he’s buried himself  in the pages of another copy of Beatdom Issue 5 reading about the battle for Jack’s estate. It was a trip that somehow has brought the two of us closer together.

Directions to Kerouac’s resting place.

Directions to Edson Cemetery Office at 1375 Gorham Street

Off of 495 or Route 3 take the Lowell Connector exit
Off of the Connector take exit 5A, South Lowell
Follow the ramp onto Gorham Street
Follow road, once you go under the black “Prince Spaghettiville” bridge you will start to see Cemeteries on your right hand side.
We are the last one on the right.  You will see a fork in the road with a Citgo gas station; we are on the right BEFORE the fork in the road.  The office is a small white cottage right at the main entrance to Edson Cemetery.

Directions to Jack Kerouac’s grave

Enter the cemetery through the main gate off of Gorham Street.  You will be on 3rd Avenue.  Continue down 3rd Avenue and take a left onto Lincoln Avenue.  After you pass 7th Avenue pull over to the right side of the road.  Jack’s grave will be on the passenger’s side of the car.  He only has aflat marker.  He is buried in the Eisentraut family lot.  Look for that monument and walk towards it.  Jack’s marker is about 10 feet before the marker.