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Pretty little greed machine
Stiletto heeled heart stomper
pole spinner
with an ass that danced across a thousand laps
she smells like bubble gum and cash
no tip no strip
tastes like vodka and valium
fold those dollars
next up on the main stage we got…
she used to go by sunshine
3 years back seems like nine
I Remember she had the word
Redemption tattooed down her spine
skull and bones on her pasties
lust in her eyes
and passion dripping from her lips..
no tip no strip
“dolla dolla bill yall”
greedy eyed grindin
no cuntry for old men
as the same song begins
remains the same
outcome out came
no champagne in the sex room
Means no BOOM BOOM for you
for one whole song she’s your lover
minute your wallets empty
its on to another
only thing she left you with
is bright blue balls
snail trail on your thigh
and fucking glitter in your eye


American Grafilthy

Edaurdo Jones

11:00 am – I’m Awakened; by an angry Verbs bitching, about being behind schedule.

“Wake up you yellow -bellied bastard we’re way behind schedule! Pack a bulb for me and Slimmy. Oh, by the way Catlin spilled the last of your ether all over the blackjack table.”


Fuck Americana
you can buy
her dripping
open ghastly


Box of Lies

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Poetry
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Destiny’s dirty debacle

.. ..

Swimming through the swatches of eternity’s marshes

.. ..

Murky pools reflecting memory’s many faces

.. ..

Even in the most lonely places

.. ..

Ambition loves getting wasted

.. ..

Innocence drinks from the cup of deceit

.. ..

Sitting at corruptions feet

.. ..

Utopia is a whore rotten to the core

.. ..

But who could ask for more

.. ..

Ideals can’t be served as meals

.. ..

Propaganda painting pictures clear of fear

.. ..

Masterpieces the lost hold dear

.. ..

Stumbling drunk on the edge of knowledge

.. ..

Lost in the labyrinth found in the bottom of the absinthe


Truth is trampled under tyranny’s boots

.. ..

Can’t remember the words to freedom’s song or surely we
would sing

.. ..

Said the snake to the one eyed King

.. ..

Dogma’s soul is black as coal

.. ..

Enslavement is its only goal

.. ..

Pretty petty box of lies

.. ..

Watching as an angel cries

.. ..

Because Karma died

.. ..

Before the changing of the tides



Malice fills my mental palace

never drank from that golden chalice

this robots gears spin at full throttle

been drunk on philosophies

drank by the bottle

realized my wishes

are just fishes

rotting on dirty dishes

covered in soul salmonella

vanilla media bacteria criteria

fates fickle

so grab your nickel

and pay the fuck up

before you tip your cup

that’s why i sold my nickel plated nine

for nine nickels to fill my plate.



I enjoy looking back through old stuff, I wrote when I was extremely fucked up on drugs. I noticed I wrote a ton of poetry when I was in altered states. I believe I’ll start posting it.

I am the five hundred  pound baboon monkey heart -transparent deathcicle piercing your nipple.-

Soft crimson razor ticklers-

Kissing at nubile forms of inspiration

glimmer of karma’s pouting lips-

cosmic solar powered soul glasses staring at the jealousy in Orion’s belt-

tempting taste of virginal blood-

God’s drowning in the bottom of a wishing well. mental prism splitting thoughts into a million points of light-

washing the evil out of clothes at karma cleaners-pocket full o’ lint-

ghetto mint-ink to print-lemon crusted mantra muncher…

Bottle bottom sorrow drawer-

hairline crack in heavens gate.

entrance obtained only by theft and deception. plum red trauma worm-burrowing in the brain

nodding keystrokes ignite the night in triple trailing movement-

washboard stained with dirty secrets.

ships run aground on destinies rocky beaches.

break in case of emergency-

The words on the glass snot-box-

Grow wild like a weed, but wise like a tree.

twisting tightness of greed’s fist-tuning in the subconscious.

double step karma visions past eraser.

Formulating serial fantasies to save my sanity- clipping coupons for angel wings …

burn blessed at both ends .

“Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if you could help me out again. I know we never talk, but I’m in way over my head this time, and if you could just please get me out of this, I’ll do anything you want……..”

These are basically the same words, a million junkies, whores, thieves, and residents of the gutter, have muttered to their Gods, when they are deep in the shit, and all hope is lost.  None of them ever keep this promise, when all is said and done. We are all god-less until our moment of need.

I’ve committed more than my share of despicable deeds over the years. But I never actual got the opportunity to view myself at my worst. Well today I watched a nightmare. The video below is me a little over a year ago.

During this phase of the game I was no longer teetering on the razor sharp edge of my sanity. I had tumbled deep into the abyss that is psychosis. The two sides of me, the day, and the night, were at war. I had honestly come to the conclusion; I was the Devil himself. Why else would I be doing, what I was doing? The good part of me, the tiny sliver of hope in me, started whispering in my ear. “You know what you’re doing is wrong. Look around you, this isn’t righteous. You’re the Devil.’” So, what did my twisted mind do?

I ran with it.  I started exploring every avenue. I figured; I’d write myself a letter from the Devil, and read it.  This was the worst thing a lunatic in the throes of egomaniacal delusion could do. It somehow made me honestly believe, I was the devil himself. That and the cocktail of high grade LSD ingested 10 milliliters at a time, and marathon sessions that lasted weeks, smoking meth, had successfully shattered my psyche to fragments.

How I came back down to this realm of reality? I’ll never know. I say this ton, and I’ll keep saying it for the rest of my days on this planet “Fate is a fickle beast.”

I had completely lost myself to a beast beyond my control.  The one tiny shred of a fingernail grip, I had on reality though, that somehow pulled me back across the edge. It’ll be one year on October, 5 this year, since I stopped the insanity, and began finding my way back out of the darkness, that had consumed me whole. I’m by no means proud of the way I was. But, I have a problem trying to pretend it never happened. Some may say I’m crazy for sharing things like my stories, and videos, like this.

I think it’s my way of healing myself, and if I’m lucky, people can relate to this, and just maybe, I can inspire someone else to change, because if I can change, anyone can. I mean how many of you honestly were preaching Satan sermons to a room full of friends?

It’s a sick memory I wish I could forget. But I have it live in living color. I kind think of this video as a gift. Getting to see myself so far gone that I can’t even believe I made it out. Is sobering, it makes me grateful for everything I have.

Some of you are going to find this extremely disturbing, lord knows I did. But I find it only appropriate to show the evolution of mind, body, and soul I have achieved over the past year.  This has brought even deeper introspections into my actions over the years.

Here’s the words to this thing. Since you can’t really here me through the rag….

I guess it’s time I just told the truthI guess it’s time I just told the truthWell by now I guess everyone’s sick of the old stories. So I’ve decided to just tell you what the hell is really going on.Many a person has asked. What my job is?What does it entail? Well it’s really quite simple my friend. I’m a collector of course. I collect the weak, the greedy, the corrupt, the ignorant, the foolish, the lazy, the vain, and all different assortments of character flaws.How do I do this? Well it’s a fine art I’ve perfected over several thousand lifetimes. You see I can sell ice cubes and porn to blind Eskimos. The only thing is I’m not selling any kind of product. I’m selling a dream nothing more than that.I simply exploit the very characteristics I collect. I show them a system they can never follow. Due to the fore mentioned flaws. Then well it’s not hard to tell exactly what the hell they had to sell.The funny thing is I’m not even evil, contrary to popular belief. It’s just the job I was tossed down into.Why?Because I’m funny, smart, handsome, and look so very harmless looking. My eyes are hypnotizing and trusting. But look a little bit deeper and you’ll see yourself shadow boxing with your soul. I’d like to thank Nathaniel Clark for that dark piece of gold.Why do you think I love my dark glasses so much. After all those tinted lenses are the fences that hold back a trillion tortured souls.You see only so many of you are actually allowed to walk through those pearly gates. So I have quoatas to make. It’s my job to hold you all back.I show you how easy it is to be just like me! The problem is none of you are me. You’re human- you have free will. I’m only allowed to follow the rules I’ve been shown.I can’t force you to do any of the things you do. I just know what makes you tick. Some of you seek power, others stardom, throw in the occasional sadist here and there, and then some…. Well…. They’re just plain stupid.Those are the easiest to collect. They don’t even understand the basic concept here.Sure you’re probably reading this not believing a single word of it. If you know me though, you know I only ever speak the truth. Haven’t you ever wondered why I act so old, but look so young. Or why I look like or remind you of someone you used to know? How I can speak in any accent, or seem to talk in many tongues?Because I am a mirror reflecting everyone and everything back into the world. Hey it’s a gift from the guy who told you…. To be very-very-very-wary of me. He’s far more twisted than me. That’s all I’m saying.Let’s dispel some of the myths you may have heard about me. I can stand on holy ground. Shit, I’ve been to church hundreds of God damn times. Hell I even tried being born again.I’m not everywhere all the time. I’m not omnipotent. Only Santa Claus knows if you’ve been bad or good. Well him and the guy looking down at all of you.I do have a rather strange form of immortality. Yes I can physically die, but then I’m just reincarnated and the cycle begins again and again.I only need to personally collect X amount of souls per life time. See I have a clause in my contract that allows me to collect other souls with no contact. The ones who break the big ten as I like to call them.My job is to get the ones teetering on the edge. What you don’t know is this. The minute your soul was created, you signed a contract with God. One to obey HIS rules. So for example Serial Killers, child molestors, and rapists…. Well,  I have no part in that. They are in direct breach of contract. Which means. Guess what? They automatically don’t pass go, and I still get their soul.I just travel a bunch. Some how some one all ways takes me in. I rarely ever have problems. In fact most people love me!I guess, in a way, I just use reverse psychology. Don’t do this. Really that’s against the rules! I thrive on the simple fact that most people think they can beat a system, any system. Their way will surely be better!HA,HA,HA,HA,Ha……………..You’re all such foolish children! Incapable of just listening. The very, very, very, few of you who actually listen. They pass a test. They never even knew they were taking.I’ll tell you from the very beginning, exactly what not to do. Don’t do those things and I can’t take it. But like I said I know people and I’m very good at my job. So I see the flaws in you. The ones you don’t. Then I tempt them with my laws.For instance…. Show some young man how easy it is for him to get what he wants from my game. Sex, admiration, money, shit even just a simple high. Then they almost always want to play. They don’t see I’m really very honest. They feel they need to lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate to get what  I have. Absolute nonsense. Honesty is always the best policy.I’ll allow you to fuck up and smile about it. Watch you dig your self deeper and deeper. Then simpley because I’m your friend to the end. I need you I really do. You’ll start giving me whatever you can. Just to keep getting it. Until there’s nothing left to give me but your soul.Here’s a simple equation to show you who I am. It’s my birth date. It is and always will be for all eternity March 18th. March is the third month representing the ascending number 3. How many times does 3 ascend into 18? 6 correct? So 3/18 = 6+6+6 or simply put 666.Well by now you’re either bored or very frightened and thinking about staying very,very,very far away from me. Or just maybe, you think this is just a joke. Well if you do think this is a joke and want to test it.Go ahead. I promise I’ll get everything I want by the time you and I are through.I really was his favorite Saint. Until that tiny little disagreement a few thousand years ago. Oh by the way it really did start with some forbidden fruit. That was the  original rule. Anything but that fruit! Don’t blame me! Blame him! He gave you free will not me! I just said ” Hey why not eat it?”He always knew he only had so much room at his house.So he hooked me up with a place to take all the free thinkers.Of course it’s evolved from fruit into powders and pretty little crystals, but hey it’s all the same. Most of the time I just act like I’m out of my mind, and don’t have a clue. But I always do. Every penny short is just another one I’m getting back. Until well, all the penny’s in the bottom of your wishing well won’t save you from hell.In closing I’d like to paraphrase some of the better ones people have used to introduce me and where you’ll be heading…There’s plenty of room at the Hotel California….. I’m pleased to meet you… Hope you guessed my name…Your best friend, S.P.S. I just wanted you to know I like you so much. That I’m hating my job right now. I really just needed to get that off my chest.