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Marty Flynn journalist and master Gonzo scholar has once again found me to be appropriate fodder for his cannon.  What does this savage Irish man have to say? Well, you’ll just have to go over to his site and see for your self.   Here’s the link to the Edaurdo Jones Reality piece Mr. Flynn posted early this Sunday morning.  “Maximas tibi gratias ago” Mr. Flynn “Maximas tibi gratias ago”


So big things in the land of Jones. As many of you know by now, I’ll be a subject in the upcoming documentary Finding The Beat. The film is the brain child of director Trina Dematti and producer Jinx Rhodes. These two ladies will set off on the road in Kerouac like proportions to discover  the BEAT of America. Ten cities from San Fransico to New York City will be visited and one person who is the epitome of the modern Beat in each of the ten cities   will be filmed and talked with about their work. Of these 10 only 3 will be selected to take the ride to NYC. For a finale of epic proportions. I’m proud to say I’m one of the 10 chosen souls.

After a rigorous interview session with director Trina Demattei. I shared my epic short DEEP FRIED DUCT TAPE AND SUSHI KNIVES. It was then decided the two of us would join forces to adapt Sushi for the silver screen. The ball has been set in motion and we are beginning the first phase of this endeavor.  Which is finding the proper screenwriter to transfer my voice to the screen. The plan is to have the film be a pairing with my soon to be released book  THE VOICE OF THE DOOMED, which is slated for release late 2010 from CITY OF RECOVERY PRESS. We are hoping these two projects will be the beginning of a long and successful partnership between CITY OF RECOVERY PRESS & MS. DEMATTEI & MS. RHODES. Stay tuned for further details on all of the above projects……

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For more info on the director of Finding the beat and Deep Fried Duct Tape And Sushi Knives check out her site